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Talk to Us - Our Email Address for Feedback Is Back!

We’d like to start by saying how thrilled we’ve been to see people responding with such positivity to us giving our fans a peek behind the curtain into our development process. With this in mind, we want to keep open lines of communication moving in both directions – us giving you an open look into the development process as well as letting you voice your thoughts on what you like, don’t like, and want to see in Rock Band 4. It’s all part of our commitment to make Rock Band 4 the best Rock Band ever. Read more

A Note from Harmonix

Hey folks, As you might have heard, earlier this week Harmonix laid off two employees from the design department. Later in the day, there were some potentially confusing statements made to press about the nature of their departure. We wanted to take a minute to clarify: Yes, those two employees... Read more

Details Revealed: Rock Band 4 December Update and Ongoing Live Program

Rock Band 4's Product Manager Daniel Sussman shares details of the upcoming December update, and details plans for ongoing updates to Rock Band 4. Read more

From the Desk of Josh Harrison: Your New Community Manager

I’m Josh, and as you may have heard, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m the newest community manager at Harmonix. I wanted to take some time out of my second week here to tell you a little about me, where I came from, and why I’m so excited to be working here. Read more

Rock Band 4's Setlist: Explore Harmonix Bands

The on-disc soundtrack is the backbone of Rock Band 4, so the music selection is super serious business. Whether they’re rock classics people love, party bangers that’ll get the room moving, or musical discoveries that will become new favorites, we’re always looking to build that “perfect mix tape.” Read more

Dance Central Fan Focus Rebecah (Bek)

Meet Bek! She's our Massachusetts neighbor and an awesome artist. Read more

Dance Central Fan Focus Thanks to everyone reading, and thank you DC for bringing me amazing moments! (aka Z)

Meet Ziedrak, Dance Central fan artist with a great sense of humor! Read more

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 147 - E3 2015 Recap: HMX Music VR, Amplitude, and Rock Band 4!

We’re back from our annual sojourn to the E3 expo in Los Angeles, where we showed three very different Harmonix projects to the thousands in attendance. Joining us to chat about our groundbreaking VR experience, HMX Music VR, is Project Lead Jon Carter. He’s joined by Amplitude Product Manager Annet... Read more

Amplitude E3 Recap

E3 is finally behind us! Missed out on the show? Check out our E3 recap! Read more

New Songs Announced For Amplitude

In the spirit of E3, we thought it would be great to reveal some news on our soundtrack to our amazing backers and fans! Read more