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Start a Band, Rock the World, Get Married! The true love story of Ryan and Laura

We knew all along that Rock Band was about more than having fun thrashing around with plastic guitars. No, our game is all about passion, togetherness, and true love! So it warmed our to hear the story of Laura and Ryanthe couple who not only met playing Rock Band online, but recently got engaged d... Read more

Rock Band Community Team at Sundance 2009

Sundance 08 was kind of sad. Some awesome things happened but for the most part our location was a little weird (hard to find and underground) and there wasnt a whole lot of time to work it into the success we wanted to be. Luckily this time I have to hold back some on all the awesomosity that ... Read more

Child's Play Charity Dinner Results

Every year we donate something or some things to Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity dinner in Seattle, and this week was no different. Child's Play is a charity that gets video games and toys into Childrens Hospitals across the world (but mostly North America). This year we tried to trump ourse... Read more

E3 Round-Up

Last week, a troupe of Harmonix staff descended on the LA Convention Center to show everyone Rock Band 2. Frankly, we were blown away by the response - we were nominated for a swath of "Best of Show" awards, which is insane considering the strength of titles that I'll be lining up for on Day 1 like ... Read more

Earth, Wind, & Centaur Interview

If youve been onto our leaderboards at all, youve encountered the mythic, mysterious name Earth, Wind CENTAUR!! Its been there almost continuously since Rock Band hit the stores, right on top of the XBox chart: Last we looked, theyd racked up a ridiculously high score of 90,309,076. Theyve only be... Read more