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Abbey Road Tour

In July, HMXKat and I headed to London, England with Josh Randall, Project Director for The Beatles: Rock Band, to kick off the European Press Tour. Before the press tour we got to spend some quality time in Abbey Road Studio 2 doing some pre-tour press stuff. It was one of the pleasures and honors... Read more

PAX 2009

In September, the Community team headed to Seattle for Penny Arcade Expo 2009. It was a fantastic week, and it was fantastic to meet a ton of people from the forums. In between binging on Top Pot Doughnuts and contracting Swine Flu, we played hours and hours of The Beatles: Rock Band ... Read more

The Thrasher Challenge: Are You (Wo)Man Enough?

HMXThrasher is a Community Moderator at Harmonix and indeed a big enough jerk to shamelessly promote via t-shirt. Otherwise, she's generally a nice person who enjoys high fives, growling into microphones, and non-sensical dance moves on the main stages of the Harmonix conference booths. For t... Read more

Community Team On The Road in Germany at GamesCom

In August, the Community team hit the road yet again. This time that road led to Cologne, Germany! (The road was underwater. Were good at holding our breath for a long time.) We attended the GamesCom convention, which is sort of like E3 and PAX rolled into one gigantic European event. Our booth ... Read more

Rock Band on the Road to Rehab

AtomicKnight is a forum member and a really determined Rock Band player. For more information on his ordeal, visit the original thread on the forums. On May 20th of this year, I suffered a stroke that left my entire left side useless. I spent a week in the Intesive Care Unit and ... Read more

The Beatles: Rock Band at Fenway Park

The HMX Community Team hosted The Beatles: Rock Band set ups at two recent Paul McCartney shows at Fenway Park heres what they saw. HMXkat, HMXpope, HMXdave pre-show Fans gathered at The Beatles: Rock Band stage Two young fans rockin' A band with some great t-shirts... Read more

Harmonix on the Road at QVC

The Harmonix team took The Beatles: Rock Band to QVC's studios in West Chester, PA to do three LIVE shows demoing the game. We got very little sleep. Read more

Starlight Children's Foundation Visits Harmonix

Starlight brings together experts from pediatric health care, technology and entertainment to create programs that educate, entertain and inspire seriously ill children. Whether its finding friends online, learning more about a disease, or just spending time together as a family, Starlights programs... Read more

Rock Band Night at Improv Boston

Harmonix is located in the heart of Central Square, Cambridge, a vibrant epicenter of activity. In the span of one block you can walk past an Indian restaurant, a Center for Marxist Education, a Goodwill Store, a dance studio, an awesome record store, a sex shop, an Italian tailor, a check cashing p... Read more

MTV Coast to Coast! Or, The Beatles: Rock Band Tour 2009

Its always nice to keep our loving, big brother (MTV Games) in the loop about what weve been up to here in the Harmonix floating sky fortress of doom and awesomeness. So in one week, two separate HMX crews set off to show our baby (The Beatles: Rock Band) to our MTV colleagues on both coasts. I ... Read more