September DLC Artists + New DLC Announced

Labor Day is happening this Monday in the States, so we’re giving you a special treat and announcing all of September’s DLC artists today! Read more

Rivals Mode Feature Details + Rock Band Companion App

Do more than just rock the world… Join a Crew and emerge victorious over your rivals! This is Rivals Mode, and we’re here to tell you all about it. Read more

PAX West – Bringing the Competition with Rock Band Rivals

PAX events are a sacred time in the gaming world where thousands of passionate players come together for a weekend of fun, gaming, swag, prizes, and even a bit of competition. This year, Rock Band is bringing ALL the competition to PAX West – let’s take you through our plans for this upcoming convention. Read more

DLC Week of 8/29: Heart and Winger

Artists Heart and Winger have tracks that are coming to the *Rock Band* Music Library this week! Read more

DLC Week of 8/22: Jason Mraz and Nicki Minaj

Diverse and distinct tracks from Jason Mraz and Nicki Minaj are making their way to Rock Band this week! Read more

Always stay classy, Team Analog

It goes without saying that Analog is better than Digital, but you knew that already. It’s more lifelike, more real, and it shows the soul that music was always meant to have. Life’s too short to be perfectionists about everything, and some of the world’s best moments are the result of spontaneity. Think back to all the greats of music from years past. Do you think classic rock and roll was recorded digitally? Hell no. Read more

Team Digital is here, and we’re Bringing the Party.

As a dedicated member of Team Digital, I can tell you, without a doubt, that we’ve got the best talent, enthusiasm, and stage presence with our team instead of that dated Analog Crew. We’re all about re-inventing ourselves, bringing the best of the best to the game, to our players, and within our own Crew. Think of us as those classy, suave friends that always have the best taste in clothes, restaurants, and music. We’re the ones you want to stick with in the long run; the Analog Crew may think their chaotic attitude will get them far, but they’ll burn out soon enough. Team Digital will keep going long into the future, and we have no intentions of stopping. Read more

DLC Week of 8/15 - Tonic and Vertical Horizon

This week, tracks from Tonic and Vertical Horizon will come to the Rock Band Music Library. Read more

DLC Week of 8/8: Belinda Carlisle and The Barbazons

Belinda Carlisle and The Barbazons add tracks to the Rock Band Music Library this week. Read more

Rock Band Rivals and the Xfinity Series Zippo 200 at The Glen

Professional race car driver, Erik Jones, will be driving in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Zippo 200 at The Glen, and we're a featured sponsor of his car! The cool part is that Erik will be racing in a Rock Band Rivals branded stock car, showing off his competitive flair. Think he can win? With the Rivals spirit, we certainly do! Read more