Straight from New Orleans: Backstage with Benjamin Booker

It's been a little while since we [chatted with a band][1], but it's high time we got close and personal with another super-talented artist on the *Rock Band 4* soundtrack, rocking out of New Orleans. We recently had the opportunity to talk with Benjamin Booker about what he's been up to, what it's like having his song in *Rock Band 4*, and more. Read more

Rock Band 4 – May Update Patch Notes

Our May Update is here! While you’re all downloading the latest goodies to your consoles, take a look through the latest patch notes that we have available. Read more

May DLC Artists, Double Kick Support, and Battleborn® Characters heading to Rock Band 4

It’s seriously May. Warm weather is imminent (folks in the North East of the US are rejoicing) and we’ve got our next lineup of DLC artists for the month! Don't miss what's in store for Rock Band 4 this May. Read more

A Look Back at PAX East

It feels like only yesterday I was coming back to the office after a long, intense weekend at PAX East. We met so many amazing people, heard so much amazing feedback and love for our games, and overall, had so much fun. We've recapped our announcements already, but let's take a stroll through memory lane thanks to the magic of photography. Read more

DLC Week of 4/25 = Lamb of God, The Romantics, and Weezer

In case you missed the announcement coming out of our PAX East panel yesterday afternoon, this week’s DLC comes from three wildly different artists. Read more

Synchronous Online Multiplayer Coming to Rock Band 4 for Holiday 2016

Hey gang, we’ve got some big news! We’ve just announced at our Rock Band panel that synchronous online multiplayer is coming to Rock Band 4, and better yet, it will be available THIS YEAR! Read more

Online, Ions, and More! A PAX East Panel Recap

So our panel just ended a few minutes ago. People are still filing out of the room, and the energy in here is still electric. We talked a lot about the past, present, and future of all things Rock Band, and a ton of good discussion happened. Let’s run through the announcements all quick-like. Read more

Battleborn Characters Headed to Rock Band 4

Hey gang! In case you missed the Gearbox panel at PAX East, we’ve got exciting news: to celebrate the launch of Battleborn®, we’ve added two of the game’s heroes as playable band mates in Rock Band 4! Read more

Recap: Harmonix at PAX East 2016

If you’ve been paying attention to our blog posts over the last couple weeks, you’d know that we’ve got a lot in store at PAX East this year! With the show around the corner, we’re here to round up everything we’ve got going on so you have a one-stop shop for everything Harmonix is doing in Boston this weekend. If you’re a fan of Rock Band, Amplitude, Virtual Reality, free swag, exclusive Pinny Arcade pins, and LOTS of fun – read on! Read more

DLC Week of 4/18 = Justin Bieber

Pop fans can get down to our newest arrival to the Rock Band 4 Music Store – Justin Bieber! The Canadian star has quickly made his way to the top of music lists around the world, so we’re here to bring some fan favorites to the game in a playable setting. Read more