Rock Band 4 - March Update Details

Holy cow, it’s going to be March already!? Guess it’s time for another update about Rock Band 4! March is going to bring some cool new assets to the Rock Shop, plus a whole bunch of bug fixes to continue stabilization on the game itself. Here’s just a few things in store for Rock Band 4 players early this March. Read more

A Fireside Chat with Rhythm Authors

Hey gang, I recently took some time to chat with Joseph Cirri at Rhythm Authors. For those of you not familiar with them, they were originally working on authoring songs back in the RBN days. More recently, they’ve been a major help in a lot of the initial authoring work on a bunch of tracks on the *Rock Band 4* soundtrack, as well as a lot of recent DLC. Read on to see what we talked about! Read more

AMPLITUDE LIVE: Harmonix Invites You to a Concert Featuring Freezepop & Other Artists from the Amplitude Soundtrack!

Amplitude is a successfully funded Kickstarter effort with our fans to refresh and recreate the cult classic rhythm game from 2003. We’re psyched that Amplitude is finally out in the world, and can’t wait to get (beat) blasting with everyone. To celebrate, we're inviting you to Amplitude Live: A Harmonix concert featuring synth-pop sensation, Freezepop, plus more artists whose tracks are features in the game! Read more

Five Finger Death Punch, Motörhead, and Royal Blood Come to Rock Band DLC

This week’s DLC comes to you from three killer rock artists: Five Finger Death Punch, Motörhead, and Royal Blood. Read more

DLC Week of 2/8 - Love is where the Band is!

Getting into the lovey-dovey spirit this week? We've got some tunes that will make any heartthrob melt. And don't think we've forgotten everyone else! Sometimes, it's better to kick it solo. More chocolate for yourself, right? We're in the business of love here at Harmonix, and we've come with good tidings for all with this week's new Rock Band 4 DLC! Read more

Rock Band 4 - February Update Patch Notes

Hey gang! Now that the latest Rock Band 4 update is upon us, I’d like to take some time to provide you all with the FULL list of patch notes that are rolling out today. Check out our list of new content, fixes, and more coming to Rock Band 4 this month! Read more

DLC Week of 2/1 – Daft Punk, Kelly Clarkson, and Outkast!

This week has me super pumped, and I’m very excited to tell you all about it! We’ve got tracks from some incredibly well-known artists for new Rock Band 4 DLC. Coming this week to the Rock Band 4 Music Store are three iconic tracks from artists Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams, Kelly Clarkson, and Outkast! Read more

Talk to Us - Our Email Address for Feedback Is Back!

We’d like to start by saying how thrilled we’ve been to see people responding with such positivity to us giving our fans a peek behind the curtain into our development process. With this in mind, we want to keep open lines of communication moving in both directions – us giving you an open look into the development process as well as letting you voice your thoughts on what you like, don’t like, and want to see in Rock Band 4. It’s all part of our commitment to make Rock Band 4 the best Rock Band ever. Read more

So About That Thing We Said...

How’s it going? Is your week going well? See any good movies lately? Alright, enough small talk, let’s cut to the chase. I’ve got good news and bad news for you. Which do you want first? If you want the bad news first, keep reading. If you’d prefer good news first, please skip the next paragraph, then come back after you’ve read the good stuff. Read more

DLC Week of 1/18 = Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Temple of the Dog

We're announcing DLC a bit early this week to account for this coming Monday's holiday. Coming next week to the Rock Band Music Store are three grunge DLC tracks! Read on for all the details. :) Read more