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Category: Harmonix

Employee Spotlight: Rachel Hartanto

Hi, I’m Rachel. I am a composer/arranger at Harmonix, however in this role I’m not limited to only creating music, but I make content in all regards to game audio, including sound design, audio programming and implementation. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Nicole Smith

My name’s Nicole, and I’m currently working in the QA department here at Harmonix. I’ve been at the studio for a bit north of a year now, having started out on the QA team for Dance Central before moving over to Fuser last July. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Robbie Russell

I’m Robbie, and I do QA at Harmonix. I’ve been hanging around for almost four and a half years now, I’ve worked on RB4/Rivals, Super Beat Sports, Dance Central VR, and FUSER. You’ve probably also seen me on a lot of HMX streams, or at a PAX booth, or connecting with folks in Discord, or on a couple thousand guitar/bass leaderboards…what I’m trying to say is I’m easy to find, I guess. Read more

Employee Spotlight: DeVron Warner

Hi I'm DeVron, VP of Development. Come with me on a on a journey all the way back to 2001, where a skinny kid with glasses had just started his first semester at Berklee College of Music. He wasn't sure what type of career in music he wanted to have but decided music business and management seems... Read more

Employee Spotlight: Ethan Yetton

Hi, I’m Ethan, the Corporate IT Manager for Harmonix and I’ve been here for the past five-and-a-half years.  Basically what that means is that I’m one of the main people who keeps the day-to-day tech of Harmonix running. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Orion Dommisse

This month we're sitting down with Orion Dommisse to learn more about what she does at Harmonix and her cybernetic disco synthwave sci-fi noir music duo, ORION. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Sarah Hoisington

This month we’re shining the spotlight over on Sarah. She is a producer on the DLC team for Rock Band, and works hard each week to bring new songs to the game for the entire Rock Band community.   Without further delay, take it away Sarah! What’s your current title, and how long have you been... Read more

An Update on Harmonix Forums

Hey everyone, We’re here today to announce that we will be sunsetting the Harmonix forums next month so that we can better engage with our other community channels. Read more inside. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Corey

It's time for another Employee Spotlight! This month, we're featuring Corey from the Engineering team at Harmonix. Take it away, Corey! Read more

Employee Spotlight: Melissa Marmol

This month’s employee spotlight is from our very own Melissa Marmol, an Animator here at Harmonix. Take it away, Melissa! My name is Melissa Marmol and I’ve been an animator at Harmonix for 2 years. I was first hired as a contractor to work on Rock Band VR, and after a few months, I was fortunate... Read more