Harmonix @ PAX East 2016: The Booth

Cian with the community team here! I wanted to take a quick break from sipping on my cocoa to give you some details about the Harmonix booth at PAX East this year. So, without further ado let’s get to it! This year we’ll have our biggest PAX booth yet (booth number 6092). Once again we’re highlighting multiple games, each showcasing the past, present, and future of the studio in their own way. Aside from Rock Band 4, we’ll also be showing Harmonix Music VR, Amplitude, and Beat Sports. Read more

DLC Week of 4/11 = Off The Charts 04 + April's DLC Artists

This week sees three chart-topping songs coming to the Rock Band Music Store: a band making their Rock Band debut, one of our recently most-requested artists since Rock Band 4’s launch, and a returning favorite. Read more

A Night Under the Stars with Harmonix

or, as we like to call it, "A Night with Starmonix"! Ever been to a Planetarium before? Maybe! Ever played a video game on a Planetarium dome? I didn’t think so. Now’s your chance – get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience right on the tail end of one of the greatest conventions around. Read more

Rock Band 4 - April Update Patch Notes

This month brings a fresh new update to Rock Band 4, complete with patch notes! Setlists are officially available today, as well as a re-organized Main Menu and a whole bunch of bug fixes. Want to know all the juicy new details coming with this month’s update? Read on for more! Read more

Rock Band: Past, Present, & Future (@PAX East)

If you're joining us in Boston for PAX East at the end of the month, there are two things you should know. Read more

Harmonix Happenings in April

Bostonians rejoice as Spring is finally on its way! But I’m not here to talk to you about those pretty flowers blooming outside. I’m here to run down all the cool new stuff coming to Rock Band 4 this month, PLUS some more information on Harmonix’s presence at PAX East in just a few short weeks! Things are already warming up for us, so let’s dig into what you can anticipate coming in the next month. Read more

Harmonix PAX East 2016 Party

You’ve loaded up your cosplay props, squeezed into that rental van together, and are ON YOUR WAY to one of the best gaming community events of the year – PAX East! Here in Boston, we want to offer a warm welcome to strangers and locals alike. This year, Harmonix is hosting a party filled with games, music, and developers. It’s all happening at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston, and we want YOU to join in on the fun! Read more

All About Setlists

With next week’s update to Rock Band 4, we’ll be adding user-created Setlists to the game! There are a lot of special nuances revolving around this totally customizable feature, so let’s run down what you need to know about Setlists in Rock Band 4. Read more

Harmonix Does PAX East 2016

Going to PAX East next month? What a coincidence, so are we! We have some pretty rad plans that we'll be sharing in detail over the coming weeks, and you'll soon see that this is by far the ​biggest PAX we've ever done. Read more

DLC Week of 3/28 = Going Country Pack 09

This week we’re kicking it up with three new country tunes coming to the Rock Band 4 library from artists Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, and Sam Hunt! Get rocking with “Going Country Pack 09”! Read more