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Author: Harmonix

DLC Week of 1/18: Going Country Pack 10!

It’s time, y’all. Going Country gets a TENTH pack, becoming the first pack name to reach double digits. We know you’re fixin’ to see what is included, and we’ve got all the details below. Read more

DLC Week of 1/11: Pair Metal!

Two artists have their second DLC songs releasing this week, with another Skid Row track and a Rewind from Whitesnake coming to Rock Band soon! Read more

Special Rivals DLC Release! Discover LA: KROQ Locals Only Pack!

If there’s one word to describe Southern California, it’s “diversity” - from the swells of the Pacific Ocean to the Inland Empire’s snow-capped mountains, the sprawling layout of Los Angeles and its outer regions have given birth to some of the most eclectic and important musicians and genres in rock & roll history. Read more

DLC Week of 1/04: More Variety Singles!

We're kicking off the new year with another variety release from many corners of music! Read more

DLC Week of 12/28: New Year's Eve 2017 Pack!

It’s time to end another year, and we’ve got another pack of themed songs for the occasion! Read more

DLC Week of 12/21: Variety Singles!

We’re taking a tour through Rock Band history this week, with Rewinds from every numbered entry and a new song to kick off the Rock Band Rivals Season 4 Spotlight Pass Plus(yes, you read that correctly) starting this Thursday! Read more

DLC Week of 12/14: Off the Charts 06!

Off The Charts 06 is here! This week we have fresh hits from the radio charts! Read more

DLC Week of 12/07: Rock the Charts Pack 01!

Rock music is alive and well. This week, we’re featuring 3 songs that rocked the charts in 2017! Read more

DLC Week of 11/30: Amon Amarth and The Killers!

This week we’re reflecting on what we rocked to 10 years ago as we close out the '00s! Read more

DLC Week of 11/21: Big & Rich and Jimmy Eat World!

This week belongs to the early 2000s! Reminisce with Big & Rich and Jimmy Eat World. Read more