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The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 122 - Announcing Dance Central Spotlight!

With *Dance Central Spotlight* just announced, it was a perfect time to sit down with Project Lead Matthew Nordhaus and Designer Alli Thresher to get the scoop! Tune in to hear all about (and we seriously mean ALL about) the new cool things we’re doing this time around. Get the inside track on the c... Read more

Employee Spotlight: Jamie McKiernan

Concept Artist Jamie McKiernan is a woman who wears many hats at Harmonix – figuratively and literally. This Harmonix concept artist has worked on everything from hand-traced *Dance Central* flashcards to full realm layouts in *Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved*. Jamie has wanted to be a concept artist... Read more

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved Release Date, New Songs

Harmonix and Disney Interactive are excited to announce that *Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved* will be available on Xbox One and Kinect for Xbox 360 on October 21, 2014! Harmonix is headed to E3 in Los Angeles next week, where we’ll show off an exciting new explorable realm – The Neighborhood. You... Read more

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 121 - Positive Mental Amplitude

It happened. We did it. After a rough and tumble 18 days, we got Amplitude's Kickstarter fully funded!! The gang sits down for a short show to talk about how exhausting running a Kickstarter truly is. [Click here to listen to this week's episode][1] [Click here to subscribe to The Official Har... Read more

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 120 - Amplitude Kickstarter and Record Run Launch!

On this week's show we sit down with John Drake and Amplitude Project Director Ryan Lesser to chat at length about remaking Amplitude, as well as our new mobile game, Record Run! [Click here to listen to this week's episode][1] [Click here to subscribe to The Official Harmonix Podcast in iTune... Read more

Why Harmonix Brought Amplitude to Kickstarter

blockquote{margin-top:2.08%;} A bunch of you have been asking questions along the lines of, “Hey, why does Harmonix need to do a Kickstarter? Isn’t Harmonix rich from all of that *Rock Band* / *Dance Central* money? Can’t you fund this yourselves?” The short answer is: nope How do you fund a ... Read more

New Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved Realm Revealed

Harmonix and Disney Interactive are excited to reveal a new explorable realm in *Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved*. Here's your first look at The Capsule! Set in a modular space station orbiting around Earth, the latest realm will feature Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes... Read more

Harmonix Launches Amplitude Kickstarter

Big news! Harmonix launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to fund a reboot of our 2003 rhythm-action game, *Amplitude™*! We want to update this cult classic and bring it to the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. The *Amplitude* reboot will feature fresh visuals ... Read more

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 119 - Return to PAX East

The stalwart crew of the good ship Harmonix has returned home from another PAX East, their stores laden down with riches and a fanciful song in their hearts. Delight in their retelling of adventures past, of myriad panels, parties, and announcements! Their bold triumphs are sure to thrill and inspir... Read more

PAX East Community Event Recap

On April 13, Disney Interactive and Harmonix closed out PAX East 2014 with a series of community events where our fans got to mingle with the development team, take home great swag, and play new songs in *Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved*! Our first of two events at Trade in Boston welcomed D23 mem... Read more