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Fitness 2014 Wrap Up Post

We did it!

With last week's final Playlist Challenge wrapping up, this means we have reached the end of 2014's New Year, New You Fitness Challenge! It's been two months of breaking a sweet to some killer dance beats, but worth every moment.

If you signed your Fitness Contract back in early January, it's time to pull it out and see what you've won! Did you reach your fitness goals you set? Did you work hard and come close? It's time to claim your prize! Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or in the forums what your reward is for all your hard work.

Just because we're wrapped for the time being doesn't mean the dancing has to stop! Below are links to all 8 of this year's Playlist Challenges. Feel free to revisit your favorite Challenges, or start back at the beginning!

Week #1: Get Pumped
Week #2: Core Challenge
Week #3: Crew Challenge
Week #4: The Limber Challenge
Week #5: Freestyle
Week #6: Heart Health
Week #7: Move Your Middle
Week #8: Go Big or Go Home

That's it for now. Good work, everyone!