Harmonix is thrilled to have been honored for our work.
The Harmonix team loves showing off our games at events like E3, PAX, and more!
Harmonix co-founders Alex & Eran formed the company in 1995.


We aspire to be the world’s leading developer of world-class music experiences, using technology in ways that profoundly change the way people experience and interact with music.

At Harmonix, our continued goal is to create fun, inspiring, and inclusive experiences designed for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s tapping into the rush of live performance with friends and family in Rock Band, inspiring people to move their bodies with Dance Central, or experiencing the magic of musical creation with DropMix, we’ll continue to push creative boundaries and invent new ways to play.

Harmonix was founded in 1995 and is based in Boston, MA. Led by a highly experienced senior management team, we have a diverse studio of over 100 employees working hard on new experiences, and continuing to help revolutionize music gaming and interactive entertainment.

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