The Harmonix Ethos


  • Harmonix strives to create the finest interactive music experiences in the world.
  • We can only accomplish this lofty goal through the cooperation of diverse, talented individuals who are driven to achieve excellence across every discipline in the organization.
  • We must all be a force for continual improvement of our products, our processes, and our people.
  • Acknowledging our failures is as important as celebrating our successes; every mistake is an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves.


  • Excessive pride can blind us to our failures and weaknesses.
  • Our past successes don’t entitle us to future ones; we must earn our success anew every single day.
  • Humility enables us to remain aware of our own shortcomings, to welcome criticism, and to deliver criticism candidly, with confidence that our colleagues will welcome it also.
  • Success flows from the careful integration of a diverse set of perspectives. We strive to never lose sight of the fact that each of our perspectives is but one of many.


  • Curiosity is the beating heart of creativity.
  • We seek to stay inquisitive, open-minded, and adventurous, as this mindset is essential for driving positive change, both inside our company and in the outside world.
  • We never accept the status quo complacently; we keep asking, “why?”, “why not?”, and “what if?”
  • When faced with conflicting perspectives, we attempt to understand the nature of the conflict before making decisions.


  • We conduct ourselves honorably when dealing with each other, with our partners, and with our customers.
  • We communicate honestly, act with integrity, fulfill our commitments, and generally behave in a manner that warrants the trust that we place in one another.
  • We assume good intent, and we treat each other respectfully.
  • We seek opportunities to help each other out. We’re all in this together.


  • Life is short, and we spend a lot of it together. Accordingly, we endeavor to honor the timeless words of Viv Savage: “Have a good time all the time.”
  • We try to maintain a spirit of levity and positivity—especially during times of stress or adversity.
  • We don’t take ourselves too seriously; life’s better when we’re willing to laugh at ourselves.
  • We spread the fun around, both inside the company and in our dealings with the outside world.