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A Message From Alex & Eran

TEN. YEARS. Holy crap. That’s a long time in the world of video games. And yet, here you all are, still rocking it, week in and week out. That speaks volumes.

It feels like just yesterday that we released the original Rock Band. Wait, that’s not true—it doesn’t feel that way at all. It feels, in fact, like an entire decade has elapsed since then, because of the sheer volume of crazy experiences and cherished memories that we’ve accumulated along the way. From the anxious insomnia leading up to the launch the first title (“Will anyone spend $169 for a video game? What the hell were we thinking??”) to a surreal collaboration with the frickin’ Beatles (Did that actually happen? We still have a hard time believing that actually happened...), it’s been a wild ride from the beginning.

We could fill an encyclopedia (kids, look it up…) with tales of the past decade of Rock Band. There are far too many stories to pack into one blog post, but there are two types of story that we hear again and again from our fans: Stories of people who were inspired by Rock Band to study real instruments and who then went on to become musicians; and stories of people who met through their shared passion for Rock Band and subsequently fell in love. We hear variants of these two stories frequently, but no matter how often we hear them, it moves us every time, as we’re reminded of the power of music to bring people together and inspire them.

Although Rock Band is now ten years old, its story is far from over, and we are convinced that the greatest days of music gaming are still ahead of us. Thank you all for joining us for this incredible journey!

Alex & Eran