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Audica Community Maps Contest: Create Maps, Win Prizes!


Hey everyone!

We just wanted to share an update with you Community Map makers! EVERYONE who submits a Community Map for any song in the #audica-communtiy-maps channel in our Discord server will receive an in-game flair that will identify them as an Audica Creator on the leaderboards.

This is a different flair from the Community Maps Contest submission prize, which we understand not all of our talented Map Makers are eligible for. As a reminder: Community Maps Contest entries are limited to US residents that are 18 or older who create a Community Map for the track “Decode Me”. You can read the full rules here:

We can’t wait to see the Community Maps that you create.


Original Post:

Audica players, it’s time to get in touch with your creative side.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new in-game Map Creator feature, we’re kicking off a month-long contest to reward our amazingly talented creator community for doing what they do best – creating amazing Community Maps!

Between now and July 10th, players are invited to create and submit their own map for the new soundtrack song “Decode Me” by Inter:sect ft. Noelle LeBlanc and Naoko Takamoto for the chance to win some sweet prizes, including leaderboard flair and the chance to have your map become the official in-game version with credits to you!


Here’s How It Works

At the top of your songlist, you’ll notice a new listing in gold for “Decode Me” by Inter:sect ft. Noelle LeBlanc and Naoko Takamoto. We would like you to create the map for this track!

Maps can be created using our brand new in-game Map Creator which will let you “paint” new targets in VR, by using our authoring tools in Reaper, or by utilizing a combination of the two. For information on how to get started with authoring in Reaper, watch our tutorial video from Audica Designer / Gameplay Author, Rick Cody.

Make sure the file name for your submission follows the format decodeme_[your name].[filetype] in order for the map to be read by the game. The file type can either be .mid or .cues.


Submitting Your Map

To submit your map, simply head on over to our official Discord server ( and upload the completed file to the #audica-community-maps channel. Feel free to use the #audica-mapping-discussion channel to chat with the Audica team and other players on best practices, tips, tricks, and more!


Scoring Criteria

The Audica team will play and rate each submission according to the following criteria to determine winners. The criteria we’re looking at specifically is:

  • Spacing – On expert difficulty, targets come at the player from 180 degrees – how well does the map make use of that space?
  • Timing – Does the map musical and in-sync with unique rhythms?
  • Choreography – How well does this map engage the player’s body? How satisfying are the moves the player has to make?
  • Creativity – How varied are the target types and how unique are the shot patterns?
  • Replayability – Was it fun? Would we want to play it again?



Prizes include your map being showcased on the Harmonix live stream and having your map included in the game for everyone to play! Everyone who submits a map for “Decode Me” will receive a special Discord role and leaderboard flair. Here’s what’s at stake:

Grand Prize (1 Winner)

  • Your map will become the official in-game version, with credits to you!
  • An official MR video showing off your map.

Runner Up (10 Winners)

  • Your map will be included in the in-game “Community Maps” folder in a future patch.
  • Your map will be featured and played during an upcoming Harmonix live stream.

All Participants

  • Exclusive in-game flair on the leaderboards and a special role on the Harmonix Discord server to identify your talents as an Audica map creator!

Go forth and show us your best creations. We look forward to playing through them all and seeing what creative tactics you all use!


Official Rules

For more information on rules, criteria, prizing, and more, be sure to read the terms and conditions at


Good luck!