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DLC Week of 11/22: Ceramic Animal and OneRepublic

The new DLC coming this Tuesday to the Rock Band Music Store
– Ceramic Animal “I Can’t Wait” and OneRepublic “I Ain’t Worried” – are infectious, energetic jams that are sure to become your new go-to’s!

West Coast jangle rock by way of glam-meets-surf and seen through a contemporary lens, Ceramic Animal “I Can’t Wait” is a carefully crafted morsel of excellence. This Doylestown, Pennsylvania five-piece enlisted Dan Auerbach to produce their fourth full-length, 2022’s Sweet Unknown, and the results brim with grounded, groovy, and sexy confidence – perhaps best exemplified on this, the album’s second track. Vocalist/guitarist Chris Regan’s plaintive and passionate delivery in “I Can’t Wait”’s boisterous chorus is tailor-made for getting an overstuffed venue on its feet, dancing and shouting along. Meanwhile, Erik Regan’s tasteful percussion sets an irresistible pulse for Elliott Regan’s subtle keyboard touches (Yes, the three Regans make this an actual “band of brothers”), Anthony Marchione’s muscular guitar, and Dallas Hosey’s pocket-defining bass work. From the dirty twang of the opening guitar lick through to all-too-soon fade-out, Ceramic Animal have fashioned just under three minutes of tasty riffs and hooky vocals, all distinguished by compelling musicianship. You’re gonna dig playing this one!

For many, OneRepublic delivered the soundtrack to the summer of 2022 with “I Ain’t Worried.” Being the second single from the soundtrack for the biggest film of the year surely didn’t hurt the track getting attention, but it’d seem to be a foregone conclusion that this level of buoyant, sun-drenched artistry would have found its audience, regardless. The song begins with a cheery whistling melody over an unfussy synth pad before things really kick off at around the 7-second mark. As it turns out, that reoccurring whistle line was the primary catalyst behind the project. Singer Ryan Tedder spontaneously came up with that distinctive melody and the subsequent main structure of “I Ain’t Worried” just sort of presented itself. “I wish every song that we’ve ever done was this easy!,” he has said. Tedder’s casually seductive, spirited vocals are supported by snappy, get-up-and-dance drums and a memorably melodic guitar/bass riff from Zach Filkins and Brent Kutzle, enhanced by Drew Brown’s chiming six-string rhythm work. All in all, OneRepublic squeezes a hefty dose of good-time, affable, beach-blanket pop excellence into just over 2:30(!).  “I Ain’t Worried”’s impact was truly global, as the track was a top-10 sensation in 37 countries, reaching #1 in four (It reached the top of the U.S. Adult Top 40 chart). If you don’t already know this monster hit, get ready to add a new song to your “favorites” playlist!

OneRepublic first broke big in the early 2000s and have remained a top-selling recording and performance act ever since. 2022 saw the six-piece return to the charts with “I Ain’t Worried,” which dominated the summer airwaves, globally – and there’s more where that came from! Visit Spotify to get familiar with OneRepublic’s full discography:

Also, be sure to head on over to to learn about upcoming live performances and album releases, visit the band’s merch store, and hear more music. 

Ceramic Animal “I Can’t Wait” and OneRepublic “I Ain’t Worried” are available for $1.99 each.

·         Ceramic Animal – “I Can’t Wait”

·         OneRepublic – “I Ain’t Worried”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 11/22: Ceramic Animal and OneRepublic



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Tuesday, November 22rd.