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DLC Week of 12/15: Magnolia Park and Pierce The Veil

The new DLC debuting this Thursday in the Rock Band Music Store,

Magnolia Park “Radio Reject” and Pierce The Veil “Pass The Nirvana” are two slammers that deliver energy, riffs, and hooks for days.

Florida six-piece Magnolia Park has been blowing up lately – and deservedly so. “Radio Reject” off of their just-released debut LP, Baku’s Revenge, is representative of the masterfully crafted, tuneful pop with a punky edge that has won over so many, so quickly. This is exceptional hum-along, guitar-driven fun with hooks for days. Starting off with an impactful, catchy guitar line over a droning synth pad, the cut comes alive when the full group kicks in, with snappy drums and assertive bass and rhythm guitar laying the foundation for frontman Joshua Roberts’ impeccably clear, relatable vocals. The chorus is a standout, fist-in-the-air achievement that *will* work its way into your subconscious. At the 2:06 mark we get a gloriously over the top, phased drum fill that segues into the final refrain before this all-too-short slapper is over. With “Radio Reject,” Roberts, guitarists Tristan Torres and Freddie Criales (FRED), bassist Jared Kay, drummer Joe Horsham, and keyboardist Vincent Ernst deliver a gleefully sardonic, breezy two minutes and 22 seconds of joyfully defiant ear-candy. Lyrically, the track champions the oddballs, eccentrics, and misfits of this world. The band has shared that, “Radio Reject is the anthem for following your dreams and never giving up no matter what.” It’s that, for sure, but first and foremost this is an extremely well-crafted slice of energetic, infectious rock performed by an up-and-coming act that has already mastered the genre. If you don’t know (and love) Magnolia Park yet: meet your new favorite band!

“Pass The Nirvana” is the first new music from San Diego’s wildly popular Pierce The Veil since 2016. After their extended hiatus, the band returned with this bombastic track on September 1 of this year – a taste of their forthcoming new album, The Jaws of Life, scheduled for an early 2023 release. After a muted, low-fi intro this belter absolutely explodes at the 7-second mark and the intensity never lets up for a minute. Befitting its title, “Pass The Nirvana” takes many musical cues from the grunge movement. Aside from making judicious and effective use of the “quiet/loud” dynamic approach to arrangement, the song is also characterized by plenty of fuzzy, infectious guitar riffs courtesy of Vic Fuentes and Tony Perry and Fuentes’ impassioned, raw vocals. Jaime Preciado’s grumbling, growling bass bristles with furious energy and, along with the precise and headbang-worthy drum beat, propels the track forward with determination. Lyrically, the song reflects the more tumultuous aspects of the past few years. “‘Pass The Nirvana’ is about the many horrible traumas that the youth of America have endured over the past few years. COVID, no proms, no graduations, an insurrection, school shootings. The list goes on,” Fuentes has said. “Their lives have been tossed around like clothes in a dryer, as the tensions within our country have infiltrated our own homes, friends, and families. To me, the song represents a euphoric detachment from all of that anxiety and stress and about finding some form of peace.” While Pierce The Veil may not be capable of ridding our world of ordeals and distress, with this comeback single they provide their legions of loyal fans with a gripping, muscular jam that delivers some serious post-hardcore/alt-metal bliss, joy – and, yes: nirvana. You’re gonna dig playing along with this one!

If “Pass The Nirvana” is your introduction to Pierce The Veil, odds are you’re hungry for more. Head on over to Spotify and dig into the group’s entire catalog: Also, be sure to check out to keep up to speed on tour dates, pick up some official band merch, and learn about the new album, The Jaws of Life!

Magnolia Park “Radio Reject” and Pierce The Veil “Pass The Nirvana” are available for $1.99 each.

  • Magnolia Park – “Radio Reject”
  • Pierce The Veil – “Pass The Nirvana”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 12/15: Magnolia Park and Pierce The Veil



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, December 15th.