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DLC Week of 3/16: My Kid Brother and Reel Big Fish

My Kid Brother “High Society” and Reel Big Fish “Take On Me” are two effervescent, buoyant ragers that’ll keep you coming back for more. You’ll wanna be sure to check out this new DLC debuting Thursday in the Rock Band Music Store!

With “High Society” Leesburg, Virginia based indie quintet My Kid Brother serves up a somewhat grunge-tinged, moody indie anthem. From the October 2022 LP Happy.Mad.Weird.Sad, the song takes aim at the 1% with singer Christian Neonakis confidently crooning deceptively pointed lyrics over a persistent beat courtesy of  drummer Sam Athanasas and bassist/guitarist Richard Smith. The rhythm duo sets the stage at the very top of the song, with Neonakis’ voice joining in at around 10 seconds in. Intensity increases at the pre-chorus, with all fretted instruments getting distinctly fuzzier and more to the front of the mix, before the band simultaneously both dials back the aggression and increases the energy with a gloriously wide-open, melodically rich chorus supported by Piano Whitman’s atmospheric keyboard work and background vocal harmonies.  “We wrote ‘High Society’ in two parts, broken down by verse and chorus,” the band explained upon the single’s release. “In the verse, we give an uncensored opinion of the ‘money/fame’ hubris. In the chorus, we accept the dive into that social strata and try to rationalize why.”

That dual nature really defines all aspects of the song, with My Kid Brother deftly transitioning back and forth between contrastingly ominous and hopeful soundscapes throughout all of the nearly-three minute run-time. This is the kind of track that takes on greater meaning and depth with each listen – you’ll be enjoying getting familiar with this fiery, propulsive rager!

With “Take On Me,”  So-Cal ska punk legends Reel Big Fish take on a legendary ‘80s gem and put their own spin on it. The 1998 cover that appeared on the soundtrack to “BASEketball” and was later released as a CD Single in 2012. The band delivers a bouncy, peppy take on the song that retains the instantly recognizable hook and melody. Essentially, the synth sound of the original is replaced by classic ska instrumentation: distorted guitar, electric bass, snappy drums, and a horn section. What results is an original take that still manages to honor an iconic, era-defining single. Beginning with a hi-hat driven drum beat and soon joined by some muscular guitar chugging, the track really gets going when bandleader Aaron Barrett gives the 4-count at the 10 second mark and then the horns join in playing the song’s distinctive, signature riff. The arrangement stays true to the original at the bridge, as well – though this time over-the-top shredding, rather than horns, replaces the synth of the prototype. You’ll have your hands full playing along during this middle-eight! The band sounds like they’re having the time of their life – and the energy is infectious. Frontman and only consistent member of the band since its founding in the early ‘90s, Aaron Barrett has said of the song, “I mean, that’s just a great song, everyone loves the original and people love our version too, I don’t know, it’s still one of my favorite songs to play, there’s just something about the energy, something about that song… it’s magical. That song I really love. It made sense to cover it.” It sure did! Whether revisiting the sound of one of the top groups from the ska explosion, or discovering a new take on an old favorite, “Take On Me” delivers in spades.

My Kid Brother “High Society” and Reel Big Fish “Take On Me” are available for $1.99 each.

  • My Kid Brother – “High Society”
  • Reel Big Fish – “Take On Me”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 3/16: My Kid Brotherand Reel Big Fish



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, March 16th.