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DLC Week of 4/01: Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear and Norma Jean!

This week’s DLC isn’t an April Fools joke, it’s 100% real.

Challenge Awaits

On your journey to Cymbal City, you're ambushed by a ferocious family of Fret Flies and a monstrous evil dragon. You've never faced a challenge quite like this before, but with your trusty axe, you manage to scrape your way through and escape to Cymbal City. You find yourself in a bustling hub of likeminded adventurers and merchants. Pushing open the door of the first tavern you see, you feel a rush of excitement being faced with your first true challenge as a bard.

Enjoy DLC from Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear and Norma Jean this week.

Machine Gun Kelly teamed up with blackbear to create “My Ex’s Best Friend”, which serves as the third single from Machine Gun Kelly’s chart-topping album, Tickets To My Downfall. The song charted high on the Billboard Hot 100 and exhibits a refreshing pop-punk sound heard throughout the album. Rock Band guitarists are going to have fun with this riffy, relatable anthem about breaking up and rebounding.

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“Leaderless and Self Enlisted” appears as the first single and first track off Meridional, Norma Jean’s fifth studio album. Ahead of the album’s release, Norma Jean released “Leaderless and Self Enlisted” for free to folks on their mailing list as a sneak peek. Guitarists and drummers are in for a real challenge with this one.

Don’t forget about Season 21’s Season Pass. It includes *all* of the new DLC that will be released over the course of Season 21, regardless of whether it is in the spotlight or not. It’s a big bundle with a big savings. The Season 21 Season Pass is available for purchase now.

Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear’s “My Ex’s Best Friend” and Norma Jean’s “Leaderless And Self Enlisted” will be available for $1.99.

  • Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear – “My Ex’s Best Friend”
  • Norma Jean – “Leaderless And Self Enlisted”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 4/01: Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear and Norma Jean!



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, April 1st.