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DLC Week of 5/4: Catch Your Breath and Wolves At The Gate

Catch Your Breath “Dial Tone” and Wolves At The Gate “Peace That Starts The War” are two full-tilt scorchers that check all the boxes for how to craft a compelling and memorable heavy track in the modern day. This new DLC is debuting Thursday in the Rock Band Music Store!

Austin, Texas-based alt-rock/metalcore band Catch Your Breath has been catching fire of late. The four-piece – vocalist Josh Mowery, drummer Onell Hernandez, bassist Cianan Madigan, and guitarist Teddy Herrera – has been riding high since their May, 2022 single “Dial Tone” really connected with the heavy rock underground. The track went viral on TikTok and has racked up nearly 20 million(!) listens on Spotify as of this writing. Opening with an ominous, delay-rich synth soundscape, “Dial Tone” adds vocals, growling bass, and a taut drum beat at the 10-second mark. At :42 chunky, distorted guitar stabs bring this determinately atmospheric track into more familiar hard rock/metal territory for the soaring, infectious chorus. Characterized by Mowery’s extremely strong, confident vocals and Hernandez’s unrelentingly pummeling percussion, “Dial Tone” really comes alive when the bass and, in particular, guitar join the fray and we get the quartet at full potency. Lyrically, the cut conveys the intensely restless, deep melancholy that comes with not achieving closure from a former partner (be it romantic, familial, or friendship – it’s never specified, nor needs to be in order to be heart wrenchingly relatable, regardless). Musically adventurous, this is deliberate, purposeful music that plumbs the depths of just what it means to experience loss. Determined to stand apart from the pack, Catch Your Breath’s pursuit of originality is yielding massive returns, with a now-global fanbase eagerly awaiting the band’s 2023 debut LP. Says Herrera of their approach, “We want to mix it up with a new gen of alt-rock and metal… there’s almost never just our instruments playing by themselves.” Odds are good that you’ve heard this one already. Odds are *extremely* good that if you haven’t yet, you’ll thank yourself for checking “Dial Tone” out! 

Made up of vocalist Josh Mowery, guitarist Teddy Herrera, bassist Cianan Madigan, and drummer Onell Hernandez, Catch Your Breath is one of the hottest young acts on the alt-rock/metalcore scene today. The four-piece’s 2022 single “Dial Tone” brought the group to the next level, with millions of listeners connecting to the track’s infectious melodies, lush soundscape, and emotive vocals. Lyrically, the cut outlines a failed relationship and lack of closure and the poignant words are convincingly delivered by Mowery’s strong, expressive vocals. Musically, the group takes chances by embracing adventurous production and mixing synth bed-tracks with more traditional “heavy” components such as distorted guitar crunch and pummeling drums. Get to know the boys’ full discography over at Spotify:

You’ll also want to visit the band’s official site in order to sign up for their newsletter, grab some officially licensed merchandise, and keep up to speed on upcoming tour dates:

From 2022’s Eulogies, Wolves At The Gate’s sixth album, “Peace That Starts The War” showcases the Ohio-based, Christian post-hardcore five-piece at their full-tilt heaviest. Beginning with a phase-shifted keyboard lick, the track really starts firing on all eight cylinders four seconds in, with the addition of  lockstep drum/bass, aggressive guitars, and emotive vocals. Singer/guitarist Steve Cobucci and drummer Abishai Collingsworth carry the verses before the full band – bassist Ben Summers, keyboardist/singer Nick Detty, and lead axeman Joey Alarcon – joins the fray just before the first chorus. At 1:56, Alarcon unleashes a nimble, melodic solo punctuated by moments of lightning-fast fretwork. Immediately following the six-string showcase, the boys bring things down again, this time with Detty’s “dirty vocals” sharing as much of the workload as Cobucci’s, over a sinister synth pad. Then there’s a return to full-force sonic assault before the abrupt end at the 2:48 mark. Beneath “Peace That Starts The War”’s soaring vocal melodies is something of a confessional epic. "Most of my life was spent battling these inner struggles in a way that caused me to gain no ground against them," says Cobucci about the song's lyrics. "I felt that they were totally my burden to bear alone – invisible to all that were around me, yet overwhelming to me in the confines of my mind. It wasn't until I learned to rest in the peace that I could begin to start the war against all the darkness within me." The entire cut is impassioned, potent, and unrelenting, flexing Wolves At The Gate’s formidable metal muscle. Prepare yourself!

Catch Your Breath “Dial Tone” and Wolves At The Gate “Peace That Starts The War” are included in the Season 31 Pass. Grab yours today and enjoy the entire season of DLC. Both are available for $1.99 each.

·     Catch Your Breath – “Dial Tone”

·     Wolves At The Gate – “Peace That Starts The War”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 5/4: Catch Your Breath “Dial Tone” and Wolves At The Gate “Peace That Starts The War”



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, May 4th.