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DLC Week of 5/6: Amberian Dawn and Chevelle

Final Boss Fight

Your Crew climbs the charred steps towards the imposing structure known as Castle Bloodstone. Everything is covered in soot and the ever-burning embers burn your nostrils. In the distance, you hear the mighty roar that unmistakably belongs to the Great Rivals Dragon. You check in with your Crew and newfound Brutal Beast pals and give everyone the pep talk of a lifetime. Like clockwork, as you finish up your speech the Great Rivals Dragon swoops down into the clearing ahead of you and breathes a mighty fireball into the air to act as a warning. You do not back down. You and your Crew utilize all of your newfound abilities and friendship. It’s a harrowing fight, but with one final killer solo, you all emerge victorious.

“Kokko- Eagle of Fire” is the third track off Amberian Dawn’s 2009 album The Clouds of Northland Thunder and was featured as a re-recording on their 2013 Re-Evolution album. Between the soaring vocal melodies, shredding guitar lines, double-kick drum patterns and hard hitting bass track, everyone in your band is in for a challenge. Hopefully you have some Overdrive saved up for that guitar solo.

The first single from their brand-new album Niratias, “Self Destructor” is Chevelle’s latest entry into the Rock Band catalog. The main guitar riff may prove to be a bit tricky and the vocal part is no cakewalk either. A fun option for this one is to play in true Chevelle fashion by playing guitar and singing simultaneously with your sibling tearing it up on the drums.

Make sure to check out Chevelle’s latest album Niratias out now! And check out their website for merch, summer tour dates and more info.

Both tracks are available individually or through the Season 21 Season Pass where you can save big on all of the Season 21 DLC.

Amberian Dawn’s “Kokko- Eagle of Fire” and Chevelle’s “Self Destructor” will be available for $1.99.

  • Amberian Dawn - “Kokko- Eagle of Fire”
  • Chevelle - “Self Destructor”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 5/6: Amberian Dawn and Chevelle




*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, May 6th.