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DLC Week of 6/1: Avenged Sevenfold and Falling In Reverse

Seeking heavy music with vocal hooks that linger long after the song’s ended? Avenged Sevenfold “Nobody” and Falling In Reverse “Voices In My Head” have just what you’re looking for. This exciting new DLC is debuting Thursday in the Rock Band Music Store!

In the spring of 2023, multi-platinum metal icons Avenged Sevenfold released their first new single since 2016. “Nobody,” lead track from the long-awaited new LP, Life Is But a Dream, demonstrates that the Huntington Beach, California-based quintet is not one to rest on its laurels, tapping into musical veins that go well beyond the traditional scope of modern metal. 

At the top of the song, a repeating, bent-note riff sets the foundation for a quasi-industrial vibe before Brooks Wackerman’s mechanically precise drums add to “Nobody”’s spooky, ominous vibe. Johnny Christ’s rounds out the bottom end with his pulsing bass work, while rhythm guitarist Zacky Vengeance’s muscular fretwork supports lead shredder Synyster Gates. Sawtooth synth appears, adding to the multi-layered sonic picture, just before lead vocalist M. Shadows lends his voice to the proceedings at the 26-second mark. The existential nature of the lyrics was apparently inspired by the writing and philosophy of Albert Camus. As per the band’s site, “a journey through an existential crisis; a very personal exploration into the meaning, purpose and value of human existence with the anxiety of death always looming."

When the infectious first chorus arrives, at 1:19, Gates unleashes some impossibly fast sweep arpeggios that add an almost operatic nature to the track. At 3:16 that aspect is taken up a notch with some insistent horn stabs and strings (these guys aren’t messing around or cutting corners – they enlisted the entire San Bernardino Symphony). As much as anything, “Nobody” is a nearly six-minute metal guitar masterclass from Synyster Gates, peppered with white-hot arpeggios and creepy riffage. The apex of the six-string wizardry comes at around the 4:30 mark, with a solo chock full of astonishingly complex scale lines, lighting-fast sweeps, and elegantly aggressive licks. This dude truly sits atop the heap of modern metal guitar gods.

After Gates’ dazzling display of technical prowess, at 5:24 nearly all instrumentation gets pulled back abruptly, leaving a tense, shimmering string section to close out the song.

With “Nobody” Avenged Sevenfold re-establishes itself as the eclectic heavyweights of their genre with a musically ambitious, sprawling track that leaves no stone unturned.  As M. Shadows explains, “For me, if you were to take a black hole of the record and all the fringes of it, I think 'Nobody' sits right at the center. And I think it sits right at the center because the riff is huge. We are experimenting with tones and how the production on it [sounds], but it also… listen, nothing on the record sounds like anything else on the record, right? They all have their things, but 'Nobody' for me… represents fully where we are coming from in terms of the concept and the sort of headspace we are coming from.”

Daring, fearless, unorthodox – “Nobody” is all that and more. You’ll have your hands full with this rager!

Avenged Sevenfold has been defining contemporary heavy music for over 20 years and in 2023 returned with “Nobody,” perhaps their most forward-thinking, ambitious single yet. A wickedly sinister amelodic, bent-note guitar riff serves as the introduction to the track, which then continues to expand to incorporate aspects of symphonic, industrial, and prog music (and then some!). Huntington Beach, California’s finest have truly delivered with this complex, challenging scorcher. Pay extra-close attention to the jaw-droppingly adept guitar-work throughout! Familiarize yourself with both this cut as well as Avenged Sevenfold’s entire library over at Spotify:

Also, grab tickets for the current tour, pick up some merch, and learn more about the band by heading to:

Released in May of 2022, “Voices In My Head” is a punchy amalgam of everything that Falling In Reverse’s spirited fanbase loves about the band: hooks for days, arena-sized beats and riffs, and emotionally charged, anthemic vocals. From the forthcoming Neon Zombie EP, “Voices In My Head” earned the band its third #1 on the Hot Hard Rock songs chart back in June of last year and became a viral smash, racking up millions of views and streams.

The melody of the initial verses dovetails nicely into the earworm-worthy chorus at the 33-second point, capably supported by guitarists Max Georgiev’s and Christian Thompson’s and bassist Tyler Burges’s taut, aggressive delivery. This is the sort of hooky contemporary metal that inserts itself into your brain on first-listen. Oh – anyone wondering if and when the track will truly deliver some “heavy,” will be delighted as the song segues into full-tilt post-hardcore assault by the time we get the breakdown at 2:13. Scream-sung vocals over massively distorted guitar crunch and frenetic, stop-start drums – yeah, Falling In Reverse still deliver the intensity in spades.

Lyrically, it’s a thought-provoking, compelling portrayal of mental chaos, recrimination, and conflict. As bandleader Ronnie Radke has said, “I wanted to capture what it’s like battling with your past, present, and future perception of self, and the voices in everyone's head hindering them from their full potential.” Indeed, the single is remarkably effective as an honest, raw reveal of an individual struggling with complex emotional issues – that somehow manages to remain an upbeat sing-along, nonetheless.

Rapid-fire vocals, melodic poise, and powerful instrumental arrangement make for a taut 3:11 of masterfully crafted 21st-century hard rock. This is a banger you need in your life today!

Falling In Reverse “Voices In My Head” is a spiky, punchy showcase for all of the group’s many strengths: melodic vocal hooks paired to emotionally honest lyrics, massive beats and guitars, and energy to spare. From the forthcoming Neon Zombie EP, “Voices In My Head” garnered the band its third #1 on the Hot Hard Rock songs chart back in June of last year and remains a viral smash, racking up millions of views and streams.

Learn what millions of devoted fans already love about Falling In Reverse by checking out their recorded output over at Spotify:

Additionally, you keep up to speed on the band’s upcoming 2023 tour, shop for official merchandise, and join the mailing list by visiting:

Avenged Sevenfold “Nobody” and Falling In Reverse “Voices In My Head” are included in the Season 31 Pass. Pick them up today and enjoy the entire season of DLC. Both are available for $1.99 each.

  • Avenged Sevenfold – “Nobody”
  • Falling In Reverse – “Voices In My Head”

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*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, June 1st.