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DLC Week of 6/2: Beck

Block Party Challenge

Rock Band Rivals Season 27 is officially here and it’s going to be one big party. A season chock-full of songs deserves a season overflowing with weekly challenges focusing on the eclectic ways we all like to celebrate. Whether it’s a Backyard BBQ, Pool Party, or Family Reunion, we’ll have those (and more) covered over the next eight weeks. We’re launching the season with a bang so call your neighbors -  it’s the Block Party challenge. Hang with your homies while you jam along with a trio of fantastic Beck DLC songs “Devils Haircut”, “Saw Lightning” and “Sexx Laws” - all available in Beck Pack 01. 

Beck Hansen needs no introduction. With multiple gold and platinum albums, 8 Grammy awards under his belt, and a legion of fans worldwide, Beck is one of the most revered and respected musicians of our generation. “Saw Lightning” was the lead single from Beck’s 14th studio album, Hyperspace, and one of several songs on the album in which he collaborated with noted musicians. The song features a collage of musical influences ranging from blues to hip-hop to synthpop. There are some challenging rap/sung verses for vocalists and a great slide guitar playing throughout the song.

Our second DLC release this week was featured on Beck’s heavily lauded 1999 album, Midnight Vultures. “Sexx Laws”, the albums’ first single, gave listeners a preview of the sonic journey Beck would be taking on his next album. With funk and R&B heavily infused in its DNA, Midnight Vultures was a critical darling and went gold soon after release. “Sexx Laws” kicks off with a rousing horn section and really fires on all cylinders by the time the first chorus kicks in. Drummers will have a wild ride keeping up with the uptempo beat and there are plenty of surprises on guitar and bass.

“Devils Haircut” is a standout from Beck’s 1996 Grammy-winning album, Odelay. The album topped many critics “best of” albums lists and cemented Beck’s status as an influential musician across a multitude of genres. “Devils Haircut” features sampled + live drums plus a cool double bass line as the backbone of the song. A recurring distorted guitar riff mixed with the memorable chorus will make this one an instant pleaser. 

Beck Pack 01 can be purchased for $5.49. “Devils Haircut”, “Saw Lightning”, and “Sexx Laws” are available for $1.99 each. All three of these awesome tracks are included in the Season 27 Season Pass. Pick it up today and save big on the entire season of DLC.

Beck Pack 01

  • Beck - “Devils Haircut”
  • Beck - “Saw Lightning”
  • Beck - “Sexx Laws”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 6/2: Beck



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, June 2nd.