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DLC Week of 8/18: Bloods & Laura Jane Grace and Fefe Dobson

Gather Your Strength (Super Strength): 

Our second weekly challenge Season 28 starts soon and nothing can stand in your way. Prepare to flex your might in the Rivals Challenge: Gather Your Strength. Get extra pumped up with new DLC on Thursday: Bloods & Laura Jane Grace “I Like You” and Fefe Dobson “Take Me Away”.

Canadian singer/songwriter Fefe Dobson began her music career while in her early teens and released her eponymous debut album at the age of 18. Fefe Dobson was released in 2003 and spawned 4 singles, including the Billboard Hot 100-charting “Take Me Away”. In addition to releasing an album and multiple singles in the years that followed, Dobson has become an in-demand songwriter who has penned songs for some of the biggest names in music. “Take Me Away” is a fun song to play with the whole crew. Multiple guitar riffs and strumming chords will pose a challenge while drums and bass lock in to keep the groove moving.

Visit and stay up to date with the latest Fefe Dobson news. You’ll discover links to hear “Take Me Away”, watch the video for her latest single, “FCKN IN LOVE”, see upcoming tour dates and more.

Also new on the DLC front this week is Bloods & Laura Jane Grace “I Like You”. This infectious single is from the Australian collective's upcoming album, Together, Baby!, due out September 23rd. Since forming in Sydney in the early ‘10s, Bloods have released a pair of acclaimed albums in addition to an impressive slate of singles. “I Like You” features Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace and it’s a perfect pairing. It’s a feel-good song full of exciting parts to play. Guitars will need to keep up with the three-chord verses while drummers maintain the rhythm’s steady backbeat.

Both of these awesome tracks are included in the Season 28 Season Pass. Pick it up today and save big on the entire season of DLC.

Bloods & Laura Jane Grace “I Like You” and Fefe Dobson “Take Me Away” are available for $1.99 each.

  • Bloods & Laura Jane Grace - “I Like You”
  • Fefe Dobson - “Take Me Away”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 8/18: Bloods & Laura Jane Grace and Fefe Dobson 



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, August 18th.