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DLC Week of 8/31: Alexis Munroe and Solence

Empowering, uplifting lyrical content paired to energetic performances, and masterful songwriting make both Alexis Munroe “Burn” and Solence “Rain Down” infectious, anthemic masterclasses in rock and roll. Be sure to pick them up this Thursday in the Rock Band Music Store!

Infectious beats, passionate vocals, and an emotionally fraught narrative instantly make Alexis Munroe’s (Formerly known as “PRINCESSBRI”) 2023 single “Burn” stand out from the pack. From the first gently strummed guitar melody through to the incendiary chorus and the quietly mournful conclusion three minutes and 33 seconds later, the track is magnetic, powerful, and vulnerable in equal measure. 

After the understated six-string intro, the song kicks into high gear at the 16-second mark by launching directly into the massively potent chorus – no intro verse, no build-up; just full-on, zero-to-100 miles an hour sonic bombast all at once. When we do eventually reach the first verse after that initial salvo, it becomes clear that “Burn”’s composition and arrangement make judicious use of the trusty quiet/loud dichotomy. Such dynamics effectively enhance the overall delivery and enrich the atmosphere of the recording. The second chorus is then bolstered by some clever guitar gymnastics, particularly beginning at 1:46. 

lements from different genres blend seamlessly to form a cohesive whole, throughout – an anthemic statement of liberation and self-empowerment that inspires the listener to dig deep within and discover (or rediscover) inner strength. Imagery of evolution and fire (the song is called “Burn,” after all…) serves as an apt metaphor for anguish that ultimately leads to personal growth. Pretty brutal, emotionally honest stuff.

Instrumentally, “Burn” matches the thematic depth of the lyrics with riffy hooks, tasteful synths, a punishingly brutal rhythm section (seriously thunderous drums!) and, of course, a muscular and passionate vocal delivery. This one ratchets the energy level up to 10 and keeps that pulse-quickening vibe consistent. The earwormy chorus melody and uplifting message will have you playing “Burn” on repeat over and over again. Get ready to be amazed!

From the opening crescendo of ever-intensifying synth/background chanting, you know you’re in store for something unique with “Rain Down” by Swedish metalcore heroes Solence. Not to worry, though – things settle into familiar territory only 16 seconds in, as furiously hard-rockin' drums join the phased-out soundscape. At the 33 second mark, we’re treated to some seriously crunchy guitar riffage married to a soulful vocal melody courtesy of the pitch-perfect Markus Videsäter, which reaches a satisfying climax with a gloriously anthemic chorus less than half a minute later. Following the refrain, guitarists David Strääf and Jonas Nolér join forces with keyboardist extraordinaire Johan Swärd for a nearly unhinged instrumental break (Which parts are guitars and which are synth? The two are fascinatingly complementary and chameleon-like here). At the 2:39 point, the group settles into a deeply groove-oriented bridge, awash with growling bass and David Vikingsson’s insistent, virtuosic drums. Mere seconds later, the guitars assertively reclaim the spotlight over a more industrial-vibe beat. After a double-dose of the relentlessly catchy refrain, “Rain Down” takes a left-turn into a keyboard-driven, atmospheric outro that brings the track to a surprisingly gentle close.

This massively epic cut from the 2023 LP, Hope Is A Cult, is all you could want from an electronic, atmospheric modern-day rocker: edgy riffs, long instrumental intro and breaks, and story-driven lyricism. Videsäter said: “We want to build up this family around positivity, hope, and the belief you can change things. We want you to forget everything that bothers you when you listen to this album. If we’re doing our job, audiences feel like they’re a part of it. When you go to a Solence show, you have a good time, so hope is a cult for us.”

Whether or not you take the deep dive after listening to “Rain Down” and join the upbeat cult of Solence, it’s a sure thing you’ll be glad you checked out this emotive, impactful rocker!

Both Alexis Munroe “Burn” and Solence “Rain Down” are featured in the Season 33 Pass. Pick each up today and enjoy the full season of DLC! They can be yours for $1.99 each.

  • Alexis Munroe – “Burn”
  • Solence – “Rain Down”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 8/31: Alexis Munroe “Burn” and Solence “Rain Down”



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, August 31st.