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Introducing Dance Central for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Rift S!

Hey everyone!

Dance Central is back! We’re extremely excited to announce that Dance Central will be coming to the Oculus Quest and Rift platform this Spring. Get ready to dive back into this beloved series and immerse yourself (literally) in your surroundings. As a day-one launch title for the Oculus Quest, Dance Central was made with the Quest’s standalone capabilities in mind to bring you a truly unique gaming experience.

Including songs from award winning artists and soon-to-be club staples, Dance Central’s 32-song soundtrack is sure to get you moving. Each song features a custom-choreographed routine with amazing moves that are sure to impress your friends. Speaking of friends…

Meet The Crew & Play With Your Friends

Come face-to-face with your favorite Dance Central characters and build relationships with them as you dance through the soundtrack. Say hello to the characters you’ve come to know and love -- Emilia, Mo, Oblio & Miss Aubrey -- and meet our brand new friend, Hart! Much like all of you, Hart knows EVERYTHING there is to know about Dance Central. You will all get along great.

This is also Dance Central’s first dive into synchronous online multiplayer. Meet up with friends in the lounge to party, show off, and dance your hearts out . Compete against your friends in free-for-all or team dance games to see who's the best in the crew. Keep posted for more information on this feature in the weeks to come!

Dance Central @ PAX East 2019

Are you going to be at PAX East? If so, be sure to stop by the Facebook Gaming booth (#15055) and play Dance Central to get the first look at the game! Or, you can check us out at the Oculus Rift S Showcase (#18043) to see us play multiplayer live! We will be showing off the competitive mini-games in Dance Central to give you a closer look at synchronous online multiplayer.

If you do swing on by throughout the weekend, be sure to Tweet us (@Dance_Central) or drop us a line in our Discord server ( and let us know your thoughts!

Dance Central Reveal Stream

Not going to PAX East? No need to worry! We will be streaming Dance Central with the dev team tonight (March 27th) at 5PM Eastern / 2PM Pacific on Facebook, Twitch, and Mixer. Tune in to catch a glimpse into this brand new Dance Central experience, ask the devs questions, and get excited!



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That's All For Now!

While that’s all for today, over the coming weeks we’ll have more to share about Dance Central. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, become a Dance Central VIP, and join our official Discord server at