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Introducing Rivals Season 26: Personality Test

Who are you?
I don’t think we ask that question of ourselves often enough.  We are all unique individuals, and, in our case, drawn together by our passion for Rock Band.  While we don’t know each other personally (though in some cases we do), we’ve all met enough Rock Band people to know that different people play in different ways.

We know the leaderboard snipers - the pathers who are obsessed with optimizing their performance for high score.  We know the party people who use Rock Band as the foundation of epic get togethers.  The list goes on…

In our 26th Rock Band Rivals season, we will explore the different styles of Rock Band players and invite you to get introspective with us as we take you on a musical journey of self.  We kick things off this week with a look at The Partier; the ones with the decked out basement setup and open invitations to jam.  Seriously, any time.  Come over.

The DLC is a perfect compliment as is the rest of the challenge playlist.

Our rewards are a suite of Drum kits that match the style of the S25 guitars.  Squad up and strap in to complete your set.

One last note: a few years back, we implemented a rule that prevented players from joining new crews in the middle of a challenge.  This was designed to prevent players from jumping crew to crew to snipe spotlight scores.  The intent of Rivals is to pit dedicated groups of players against other dedicated groups and we felt that this rule helped to push players towards that intent.  However, we see that early in the season, it’s normal for there to be some churn as crews reorganize and recruit.  So, we’re adjusting the rule so that anybody can join a crew that is in Bronze, Silver or Gold tier but for crews in the higher tiers, the rule will hold - you can’t join those crews mid-challenge. 

We hope you enjoy Season 26 of Rock Band Rivals!

Know thyself,

The Rock Band team