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Introducing Season 21: Player's Guide

Welcome to Season 21. We’re going on a quest. Want to come with?

Season 20 came and went; we hope you enjoyed looking back at the past 20 seasons of Rock Band Rivals and having a second chance at some rad rewards from years past.

This season, for those willing to tackle a fantastical set of trials, you will be rewarded with these sleek track skins.

Now, let’s set the scene for Season 21, also known as the Rock Band Player’s Guide.

You're an aspiring bard in the musical, magical land of Rockbandlandia. Think glorious, never-ending landscapes where even the ocean breeze and raging thunderstorms sound like music to your ears. Unique creatures that resemble notes and instruments, as well as some Brutal Beasts. Bard is a coveted title in Rockbandlandia, as they are the ultimate performers and protectors of the land.

There comes a time in every bard's life when they set out on a grand adventure to make a name for themselves. Bards are cunning folk, they rely on the strengths of their friends and love of performance to succeed, just like a good Rivals Crew.

There are some evil forces in Rockbandlandia, led by a menacing dragon. Each week will take you further on your journey to saving Rockbandlandia and becoming a world-famous bard. Can you make it to Castle Bloodstone and emerge victorious?

This first week, you’ll be packing your bags and setting off on your journey to glory. Don’t forget your favorite instrument, some snacks, and a toothbrush. Hygiene is important.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Don't forget to take the Season 21 Season Pass with you on your journey. It's a big bundle that'll help you save big on all of the DLC released over the course of Season 21. If you're looking to load up your Song Library for our big adventure, pick up the Season 21 Season Pass this Thursday.

- The Rock Band Team