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Rock Band 4 Loyalty Sale: 30% Off Select DLC Packs from October 11 - 17

Hey gang,

In celebration of Rock Band Rivals launching on October 18th, we’ve got a series of DLC price promotions that you can jump in on now! You’ll want all that sweet, sweet legacy DLC in your Music Library to participate in all of our Rivals Mode challenges, and have a robust experience when playing through Rockudrama. Plus, it’ll be an important asset when playing with your friends online in December.

Below is your go-to list for information about our DLC sale happening this week. Please note that these prices are all in USD, and will only happen for the dates specified. Be sure to get your favorites in this time!

Rock Band 4 Loyalty Sale

10/11 – 10/17, PlayStation®4, America (SIEA)

As a dedicated Rock Band 4 player, we want to reward you and your band with discounted DLC before the launch of Rock Band Rivals. Treat yourself to one of these great DLC bundles as you get your music library ready for the October 18th launch of our expansion!

30% Off the following DLC Packs:

Get these DLC tracks for 30% off until October 17th, which is one day from when Rock Band Rivals will officially be available!