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Season 1 is Coming. Are You Ready?

The next update to Rock Band 4 is right around the corner! We’ve revealed Seasons and Missions over the last couple weeks, and we’re putting the finishing touches on the patch to get it ready. We thought this would be the perfect time to share more about the end of Season 0 and the start of Season 1.

For starters, we mentioned that there would be exclusive rewards depending on where you end in Season 0. We’ll be putting a spit shine on these before you can slap ‘em on your characters, but without further ado, feast your eyes on these beauties:

Season 0 Tees

Shooting stars, rainbow dinos, diamond-eyed cats, and regal eagles! Plus, you’ll receive all rewards for tiers below yours as well, in case you feel like changing things up when the Bloodstone shirt gets old (spoilers: it never will). What more could you ask for? Oh, details about when these will get handed out? Read on, Macduff.

The final Challenge of Season 0 will end on Tuesday, June 13th. Season 1 will begin on that same week on Thursday, June 15th. There’s even enough time that if you make a new Crew in Bronze today, you could get to Bloodstone for the close of the Season. These shirts won’t be available again after Season 0 ends, so no time like the present to chase after that eagle!

Eagle Tee

Keep in mind that the last Challenge or two will come after the update, which will close the exploits that a select few are using to cheat their way to the top. We’ve worked hard to ensure a level playing field in the final days of Season 0.

Regarding exploits, we opened the discussion when we announced Seasons around what to do with the leaderboards. We’re going to be moving forward with the #2 option there, where we leave most scores alone, and do a targeted wipe to affect the top exploited scores. Since then, we’ve developed a means to determine the maximum possible score on drums, so only exploited scores will be lowered, with all legitimate scores being kept intact. Guitar, bass, and vocal scores will have the targeted wipe we detailed before, where we’ll target exploit scores, but might hit some legitimate scores in the process. As we mentioned, all Full Combo and Gold Stars will be kept intact, even if your score is reduced, and the overwhelming majority of players will be unaffected by these adjustments.

Keep an eye out for more info about the upcoming update! It’s a big one, and there’s still more to share.