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SingSpace is now available for Samsung Gear VR!

It’s happening! The time has come to make a pit stop at the end of the galaxy for an intergalactic karaoke VR experience – SingSpace is officially available today for Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus!

Get SingSpace Today!

We are beyond excited to share this project – a groundbreaking, one-of-a kind social karaoke adventure in VR. This is the first time singers will be able to share their ridiculous vocals in VR with friends near and far! Not to mention the appearance of a supportive robot crew and flying cheese emojis. Oh and it’s in space. That’s new too.

Hop on stage and get acquainted with the robotic karaoke devotees. Croon your way through your favorite hits and watch those little cyborgs award your talent with an array of emojis and bevy of flowers.

Once you’ve had some time to run through your vocal drills and you feel sufficiently warmed up, join a SingSpace room or call on some friends to pull up a chair at the karaoke bar and join you. With Multiplayer, you can take turns serenading each other – and when your fellow singers are up there, don’t be shy with the 💗 💗 💗. Toss ‘em a few 🍕 here and there too.

And then don’t be afraid to get up there and share some of your own sweet vocal riffs and infectious dance moves.

I don’t know about you, but just a taste of the adoration has me power hungry for more emojis & roses. Time to take our talents elsewhere! When you feel like you’ve really nailed that high note, you can share your performance with the SingSpace community for Watch & Rate. Other SingSpace folks can then watch your clip at their leisure while you rake in the ⭐ 🌹. Check in on your rapidly accumulating stats and keep an eye on the trending list. You might just see your name pop up there.

Red Like Roses

And what’s karaoke without the song list? (It’s nothing, guys. I worked through the logistics, and it’s nothing). Good karaoke needs good music. This cosmic karaoke bar is stocked with awesome hits that are bound to show off your range and entertain fans.

SingSpace comes with 20 signature karaoke songs – but I think the song list speaks for itself. Check it out!

SingSpace Soundtrack

If you Subscribe with SingSpace, you will have access to an extended music library! Your options are totally flexible – for those karaoke aficionados, you can sign up for 1-6 month subscriptions so you can stay up to date with any added songs. Or if your karaoke ventures tend to be a little more concentrated, VIP 48-hr subscriptions are available as well (you know, for those folks who are “business all week, party all weekend” types). We’ll continue to add more content, which will automatically be available for anyone with an active subscription!

SingSpace Subscription

When you download SingSpace, you’ll also get a 2-week free trial of the whole song library (subscription songs included). Take that time to sift through, practice and find the karaoke song that best suits your voice!

So I think it’s time to check out this futuristic bar at the end of the galaxy and meet our charming robot friends. And if you find me there in space…I’ll be sure to toss you some roses. 🙂