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SingSpace Multiplayer Karaoke Reveal!


Our virtual karaoke experience SingSpace for Samsung Gear VR will be making its way to GDC 2017 this week to show off some new features!

We’re excited to share our one-of-a-kind intergalactic karaoke VR venture with other developers and give them a taste of how awesome, funky, and totally far out SingSpace is.

Karaoke is not just a singular activity. Although I spend an inordinate amount of time singing out loud in the shower or in front of the TV in my PJs, sometimes I want to get out there and share my beautiful falsetto with friends. That’s where live, multiplayer Karaoke comes in!

But first, I need to pick out an outfit. I may be rocking the sweat suit in real life, but in virtual reality I’m always dolled up.

SingSpace Character Customization

Express yourself! With character customization, you can choose from a variety of hair, skin, accessories and clothing styles – does your space alter ego wear an eye-patch? That’s cool! Tutus and Hawaiian shirts welcome. My fantasy space self is a futuristic blue astronaut with kick-ass cotton candy hair. Oh look, it’s me!

SingSpace Character Select

Before calling on your friends, warm up your vocals in front of a cute robot crowd of karaoke connoisseurs in the SingSpace solo mode. Belt out your favorite tune and feel the robot love! Ham it up with some killer moves and smooth vocals and watch the venue react to your impending stardom.

SingSpace - Solo Mode

Once you’ve shaken off the nerves with your robot practice crowd, it’s time to meet up with friends in our karaoke bar at the end of the universe! This isn’t your typical virtual meet up – SingSpace is a live, in-person multiplayer karaoke experience. So gather your friends and share this totally new way of singing your heart out together in VR!

Sing a song in front of your pals as they shower you with super rad emojis. Wait, was that a pizza? In space? Yup. Keep on killing it until the end and your friends will congratulate you by tossing roses of approval at your feet. That’s the dream!

Take a moment to bask in your glory and let your vocal cords rest by giving your friends the same love. Sit back and enjoy their performances and react with winky faces and bags of money. Once you’re ready to hit that high note, take turns and hop back up there.

SingSpace - Multiplayer

Now excuse me while I sip on some chamomile tea to soothe the vocals – I’ll be out there soon to wow you guys with my sparkling voice and superb dance moves. I’ve been practicing. I promise. So come join me!

See you on another planet.

SingSpace Emojis