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SingSpace Watch & Rate Reveal!

Hey, hi, it’s me. Here to give you guys the update on this sweet feature brought to you by SingSpace.

Folks, it’s Watch & Rate.

Even the most professional of singers need to take a break and rest their vocal cords. Only makes them better. And it doesn’t stop them from rocking out to other killer performers! Honestly, there’s a fangirl in all of us.

Much like the greats, I know my beautiful voice can be overwhelming at times. “A voice so good it makes my face hurt” – a direct quote from the masses. “I need Ibuprofen” – the general news outlets. So from time to time, I will humbly, generously step out of the spotlight, take a breather, and pass the mic.

With Watch & Rate, you and your friends can sit back and watch fellow singers from the SingSpace community work their melodic magic. Scroll through the SingSpace trending list or recently added clips, listen to uploaded performances, and give ‘em some positive feedback!

Hey if my performance was 💎 🐟 😍, I’d wanna know too.

Let them know how sweet it really is by ending the show like any true adoring fan by tossing streams of digital space roses at their feet.


Starting to get a little jealous? If you’re feeling good after a particularly impressive display of your own mellifluous talent, share it!

Once you finish singing for your friends or the robot masses, you’ll have the option of reviewing your performance. If hearing it back you think, “Yes it would be a great disservice to society as we know it if they don’t hear this immediately,” upload your stellar performance to the SingSpace community and watch it blow up on the trending list. Watch out, your clip might just go viral!

Now who’s jealous?

Check back in on your shared clips from time to time and take stock of the crazy emoji & rose accumulation!


Watch & Rate will be available to enjoy solo or with a group of friends in multiplayer. Hang out at the bar with the fervent robot fans and give these uploaded clips your undivided attention OR confer with your pals and alternate tossing out some 👍 and 😎.

All it takes is a little red rose here and there to connect karaoke aficionados across the galaxy. Of course, great performances require great songs. Oops, did I bury the lead? It’s time to talk soundtrack!

SingSpace comes with 20 amazing, can’t-help-but-sing-along, all-time-great hits. We’re talking ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ certified 💎. Take a look for yourself:

  • “…Baby One More Time”
  • “Ain't It Fun”
  • “Beautiful”
  • “Before He Cheats”
  • “Bye Bye Bye”
  • “Can't Feel My Face”
  • “Cheap Thrills”
  • “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”
  • “Hey Ya!”
  • “I Don't Want To Be”
  • “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”
  • “Material Girl”
  • “One Week”
  • “Only Wanna Be With You”
  • “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”
  • “Rapper's Delight”
  • “Sugar, We're Goin Down”
  • “Take On Me”
  • “Thrift Shop”
  • “U Can't Touch This”

Of course you know them already, but practice makes perfect, so we’ve created a Spotify playlist so your debut performance will be 💯.

Spotify Playlist

And that’s just the beginning. We’ll be adding a ton of new songs to the library after release so stay tuned! We’ll have more to share on that soon.

Peace out