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Super Beat Sports Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

The Muzicalian galaxy, light-years away from our beloved Earth, suddenly showed up on our radar. Unknown to us, its quirky inhabitants intercepted our television broadcast decades ago, and they’ve been developing their very own sports arena ever since. Obsessed with foam fingers, hot dogs, and nonsensical cheering, they brought Earth sporting culture to their planet.

Now you can be the next intergalactic sports champion in Super Beat Sports, available now for the Nintendo Switch!

New to Super Beat Sports is the competitive multiplayer mini-game, Rhythm Racket! Step into the arena and block fast-paced pitches from hurling into your corner. Return the favor and knock out the competition with power shot serves. The rules are simple. Keep the ball out of your goal, and knock it into your opponent’s.

Grab your pals and brace yourself for Buddy Ball. Watch out for speedy serves and swat it to the next extra-terrestrial opponent. Aliens bat the ball to each slugger in turn, and whoever misses will lose a heart. Watch out for bombs, and use power-ups to your advantage as the last one standing is the victor. These musical aliens aren’t pulling any punches, so it’s every slugger for him or herself.

Keep the volley going with a game of Net Ball! Work with friends to serve, set, and spike on the opposing alien team. Pick out patterns and bump to the beat for a perfect streak while you volley your way to victory.

Tag-team the Gobble Golf feeding frenzy with friends. Play back patterns and putt on cue to feed hungry critters. Ace each swing on the first try and you might be looking at a perfect game. The more you feed, the higher your score!

Race back and forth to return rhythmic pitches with a round of Whacky Bat. Dart across lanes without skipping a beat, and pull in friends to tackle out-of-reach passes. Don’t forget to keep your eyes AND ears on the ball to swing on time.

Collect sweet threads and wacky bats as you earn medals and swing your way through levels. Make your way through each Standard Mode tier, then put your athletic prowess to the test with Pro Mode. Challenge your friends in a multiplayer competition or band together to knock out the home team. Choose your own intergalactic adventure!

So it’s time to get athletically absurd. Super Beat Sports is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch! Thanks to the flexibility of the Joy-Cons, play anywhere with anyone. Dock your switch and enjoy these whacky sports on the big screen or take your game on the go. Use multiple Joy-Cons to go head-to-head or wirelessly connect another Nintendo Switch to add more players out and about!

If you’re up for the challenge, recruitment starts today. Pick up Super Beat Sports for your Nintendo Switch now!

Get Super Beat Sports for the Nintendo Switch now!

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