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Three New, Free Playable DLC Songs Are Coming to AUDICA

We know you’ve been craving some more bumpin’ DLC songs to blast away beats to, so why not THREE for FREE on Monday 5/11?

“Avalanche” by Bex is the perfect weekend vibe. This playable track features a lot of insanely fun chains that make the beat feel so alive. According to Bex, “Avalanche” is all about the overwhelming feelings and memories you get from running into someone you had a falling out with, or an old flame. The drop certainly reflects that rollercoaster of emotions.

“Long Run” by Hausman & Jenni Rudolph ft. Lysis a very dancey, fast-paced song that will for sure have you working up a sweat. The challenging chorus features some creative melees thrown into the mix. We want to see you dancing all the way to that Full Combo.

“Girls Be Dancing” by Party Bois will also have you on your feet and grooving along while you play. The Expert map for this playable track features a lot of variation in target types. While keeping your feet moving, it’ll also be keeping you on your toes. Should make for some fun mixed reality videos!

We hope you’re as stoked on these songs as we are, and we’re looking forward to see your gameplay videos and high scores on the leaderboards.

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to pick up AUDICA DLC Pack 01, 02, 03, and 04 on your preferred VR platform!