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Welcome to Season 30: I’m Feeling Rock Band

We made it. It’s 2023.

It’s a new year, we are officially in the future!  Let’s celebrate the start of 2023 and put some good vibes out into the universe with the 30th season of — wait a minute, 30 seasons? That can’t be right. Were we not JUST doing the 20th season like a month ago?

In all seriousness, this has been quite the ride for Rock Band Rivals. We’ve done seasons themed around decades, movie genres, food pairings, resolutions, festivals, pets, and even ice cream flavors. But in all of those seasons, we never asked “How are you feeling?”

Join us for a season where we consult the mood ring and prepare for introspection, for vibes, and for feeling those feelings. Season 30 kicks off on Thursday with an uptempo, high energy, “Aggro” mood. Let out those feelings, scream at the world, and maybe break something you don’t care about.  

This season will also round out our “Roman Robot” set with some nice crisp pants. 


Be sure to get your crew together and get ready to feel those feelings when Season 30 of Rock Band Rivals kicks off on Thursday, January 26th.

Lastly, a reminder to all in the Rock Band community that we’ve implemented an account linking flow that will connect your Xbox or PS4 account to an Epic Games Store account.   You need to complete this in order to access all of Rock Band 4’s online features (including Rivals and Leaderboards).  It’s easy and takes under 2 minutes.  Go here to link your account and here if you have any questions.