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Welcome to Season 34: Forces of Rock Band

Hey Folks, 

With Rivals Season 33 behind us, we turn our gaze ahead to the upcoming 34th season of Rock Band Rivals.  Continuing in our reheat series, we’ll be featuring the theme from Season 10: Forces of Rock Band.  Each challenge of this season will be framed around a fundamental force of nature - if you were there in 2019, you might remember this theme.  It was a fun one.

Our rewards feature the TV Head package from Rivals Season 15.  These sit on the wacky end of the reward spectrum and make up a crucial component of the RB4 collection.  If you already have them, we trust you are playing for the thrill of the game.  If you don’t, well, here’s your chance.

Also, one bit of housekeeping: we will not have a Season Pass this season.  So, keep your eyes peeled each Tuesday for our DLC announcement and make sure you jump in if you like what you see.  

As always, we thank you for your time and dedication to this game.  We really appreciate you all.


The Rock Band team