DLC Week of 9/23: Olivia Rodrigo and Surf Curse

The Abode of Alternative Opening Act SkratchN Snyfs Reunion Tour is coming to the Abode of Alternative, and they need a local opener. After making quite the name for yourselves, the promoter has given your band the spot. Could this show be the big break youre looking for? Just make sure you have ... Read more

DLC Week of 9/16: Elle King & Miranda Lambert and My Kid Brother

Springdale County Fair Sure, it smells like livestock and sunscreen but the county fair stage is the biggest stage youve ever played, and you got a great timeslot between the pie eating contest and the pumpkin judging. You also might be able to make a fortune selling those handheld mist fans at y... Read more

DLC Week of 9/9: Eve 6 and KennyHoopla

Alex and Taylors Wedding Youd think after each being married four times before Alex and Taylor would have opted to save money and go for a DJ instead of a full band but nevertheless, its a great time to brush up on those 80s and 90s classics. As if you need any more reason to go, Ive also heard t... Read more

DLC Week of 9/2: I Prevail and Rise Against

Rossi Family Pizza Are you truly a metal band unless youve played a pizza place at midnight on a weekday? Mr. Rossi is surprisingly willing to let a bunch of kids with skinny jeans and gauges shove each other around for a few hours if it means more people to try out his low-calorie calzone combin... Read more

DLC Week of 8/26: The Offspring

Timmys 8th Birthday Party Little Timmy from up the street is having a birthday party but the clown cancelled last minute. Time for your band to swoop in and provide some fun music while the kids run around and shoot each other with silly string. If youre lucky, they may even let you jump in the b... Read more

DLC Week of 8/19: Capstan and Modest Mouse

Free Trade Coffee Roasters Looking to play something a little more chill? Free Trade Coffee Roasters is looking for performers to play some acoustic sets to distract people from the fact that theyre spending $7 on a coffee. Hopefully you can use your tips to buy some nice in-ear monitors so you d... Read more

DLC Week of 8/12: Calling All Captains and The Used

Cousin Eddies Basement Party So you and your band have started practicing some songs but need to book your first show. Your cousin Eddie is having a party in his basement and asked your band to provide the music. Time to make a good first impression and make sure no one puts their drink on your a... Read more

Welcome to Season 23: Getting to the Gig

Welcome to Season 23. Live music is back! In Season 22 we got to explore the entire Rock Band catalog through the songs release dates and their relation to the Chinese Zodiac and you hopefully earned a rad Year of the Ox top to go along. Next up youll be earning a matching set of Year of the O... Read more

DLC Week of 8/5: AFI, HOUNDS, Kelsy Karter and Mayday Parade

Break Week 2 AFIs 11th studio album, Bodies, was released in June 2021. The second track from that album, Far Too Near, blends AFIs modern rock sound with some 80s new wave influenced basslines, synth layers and vocal melodies. This track is perfect for drummers looking for a fun, fast, and upbea... Read more

DLC Week of 7/29: Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket

Break Week 1 From their debut breakout album Everything All the Time, Band of Horses The Great Salt Lake helped introduce the world to their iconic sound. The combination of the slow drum buildup, lush, layered guitars, and Ben Bridwells iconic vocal delivery make this song a joy to both play and... Read more