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Cian Rice

Cian joined Harmonix in August 2015 as a Publishing Associate. He can be found around the studio answering your burning questions on various social outlets. Even when not at work, Cian eats, breathes, sleeps, plays, and occasionally makes rhythm games. Music-wise, he’s into everything from progressive death metal to synth pop. Basically, he likes a lot of different genres. He’s also from Ireland originally, having spent his early years living in Dublin and eventually moving to Dunshaughlin. But everything changed when he moved to America at the age of four and lost his wonderful Irish accent. His name is not pronounced like the color cyan, but you’ll have to ask him how to actually say it. Besides rhythm games, Cian also loves anime like Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop, JRPGs like Persona 4 or Chrono Cross, the first SAW film, and hot chocolate. He even tweets about that last thing from the official Cian’s Cocoa Twitter account.

@Cian_Rice on Twitter