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Amplitude at PAX Prime 2014

On Sunday, August 31st, we showed our first playable build to select Amplitude backers and friends as a special PAX Prime treat. Harmonix fans are some of the best fans on earth and we wanted to let them know how much we appreciate their love and support.

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To kick things off that Sunday, we fulfilled our promise to the Kickstarter backers in the PAX Panel VIP tier by inviting them to join us at the PAX Industry Rumble. This group of backers got a front row seat to the craziest PAX Panel of the year where industry elite go head-to-head in a retro wrestling match.

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Myself, Amplitude lead Ryan Lesser, Harmonix Co-founder Alex Rigopulos, and Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak served Top Pot Doughnuts and assorted beverages to our VIPs. We had an early start as one of the first panels of the day so we wanted to make sure everyone was sugared up!

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Immediately following the panel, the VIPs were escorted to a secret location where they got their first look at the new Amplitude. They had the opportunity to go hands on with the new game and engage in multiplayer. They also got a chance to ask our project lead questions about the new game and offer feedback. For the rest of our amazing backers that missed the event, expect a peek at the new game in an upcoming update!

We also had the original Amplitude playable on a GIANT CRT TV that was borrowed to us by a local friend (thank you, Brett!). Carrying that thing across Seattle was about as fun as it sounds. Totally worth the smiles and shouting matches that broke out over multiplayer. Good times. Our co-founder had a pretty solid grip on first place until one backer owned him in multiplayer!

Food, drink, and great conversations were had. We even had special guests join the party - big thanks to Kasson Crooker and C418 for stopping by!

During the rest of the weekend we gave away really sweet patches designed by Alex and Ryan. Fans loved the cool swag!

We had a great time during Amplitude's first public outing. We hope to be part of more events soon! Stay tuned!