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New Requirement to Access Harmonix Live Services

In keeping with Epic's efforts to provide an age-appropriate experience for players of all ages, Harmonix is now requiring an Epic Games Account Login where players can report their age in order to maintain access to online features in AUDICA, Dance Central (2019), and Rock Band 4. Visit https://... Read more

FUSER 2022 Update

As we enter 2022, we want to provide an update on our plans for FUSER. While the way we support the community is changing, we remain committed to supporting the live, in-game features and carry a ton of appreciation for the FUSER fam and your boundless creativity. Read more

Harmonix is Joining the Epic Games Family!

Exciting news for team Harmonix today! Read more

Tony Astone Employee Spotlight

As you can tell by his employee spotlight, he’s an incredibly creative and unique character who works on the publishing team. Can you tell who the real Tony Astone is from these responses? Read more

Employee Spotlight: Mary Yovina

Hey There, I'm Mary, What's your current title and how long have you been at Harmonix?  Titles are weird. Generally, I’m a UI Art Lead. I’ve been at Harmonix for a little over 6 years.   What are you currently working on, what role do you play in the project?  I’m currently working on... Read more

Employee Spotlight: Genevieve Roy

Hi there, I’m Genevieve! I’m the Legal & Licensing Coordinator at Harmonix, and I started working here a little over a year and a half ago. I support the legal and music teams, which includes facilitating the legal review for our games, managing music approvals and extensions, and contract admini... Read more

Kyle Wynn Employee Spotlight

Hey everyone! I’m Kyle, Community Manager for Harmonix and I’ve been here since January initially as a Contract QA Tester where I worked on the latest Rock Band content patch! I’m still in the process of getting familiar with all of the different facets of what my new role includes but I’ll be ha... Read more

Employee Spotlight: Alyssa McCallion

Hey buds, I’m Alyssa! AKA Aly Mac. I’m a Media Artist at Harmonix. I design marketing material for our games that informs and engages our audiences on social media, at press events and conventions, and on and off screen. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Amanda Clarke

I’m Amanda. I’m a UI Artist at Harmonix and I’ve been at the studio for over 2 years. I have a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and I started my career working in animation before moving into interaction design and games. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Brian Ralphs

I'm a UI Artist at Harmonix and I've been here for just over 4 years. I've been dedicated to working on Fuser for the past two years. In my role, I work as a bridge between the game designers and the art director to make sure that the user interface is usable and intuitive while packing as much visual punch as possible. It's a blend of graphic design, UX design, animation, and game engine implementation. Read more