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Dance Central Fan Focus Thanks to everyone reading, and thank you DC for bringing me amazing moments! (aka Z)

I had the pleasure of speaking to fan artist Ziedrak the other day! He goes by "Z" but his art will do anything but put you to sleep. He's got a great sense of humor and an interesting aesthetic so I was excited he wanted to share his work with the rest of the Dance Central community. Z is from Argentina, more specifically the province of Buenos Aires. He let us in on one of his favorite parts about his hometown, “We have the best meat, and we make great BBQs!”

enter image description here

He’s been drawing for over a decade and now has his own fan base on DeviantArt. When I asked him what he hoped for for the future of his art he said, “I’m hoping I get to make better looking art, paint better and get to do some amazing backgrounds. Maybe even make a job of it.” He also had a lot to say about why he enjoys drawing Dance Central characters, “I really like the personalities of the characters, so I always wonder on how they would behave in X situation, or imagine them interacting with each other. Despite not knowing a great deal about them, filling up the gaps with my own ideas and such is really entertaining, that’s what I find appealing! Drawing Angel trying to flirt (and failing) with Miss Aubrey, Mo and Glitch playing video games or skating together, stuff like that is what makes my hand move. I feel like I would be pals with everyone. But if I had to pick a best friend it would probably be Emilia, her positive, supportive and outgoing personality is what would makes her a great friend. Though I’m a bit of a couch potato, I would still be up for some sandbag punching. ”

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I asked him what he thought the Dance Central character version of himself would be like to which he replied, “My name would be probably something similar to Ziedrak, to be honest! Like Zimik or something weird with Z’s and K’s. Zikie, maybe? And my signature song would be “Bust A Move” [by Young MC], I love the funny moves, the lyrics and the upbeat rhythm. Plus, the finishing move is awesome.”

Turns out Z is both a fan of visual AND martial arts, “I’ve started doing Taekwondo (Korean martial arts) some years ago and even though I stopped, I went back to the same place to continue practicing not long ago. I pour my heart into every punch and kick (if I’m not out of breath). It’s great for the body and for the mind, plus I get to learn some amazing self-defense moves. I recommend everyone to practice a martial art! As long as it’s not for aggressive purposes hahaha.”

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I’m always interested to hear what Dance Central songs/ routines people gravitate toward. Z gave us a list of some of his favorites:

  • “Bust A Move” by Young MC
  • “King of the Dancehall” by Beenie Man
  • “Massive Attack” by Nicki Minaj
  • “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot
  • “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle
  • “Mr. Saxobeat” by Alexandra Stan
  • “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj

Before we finished our chat, he left me with this message for Dance Central fans,” I want to thank them for creating such a friendly and loving environment. I got to meet a lot of cool people with great ideas, amazing dancing and drawing skills and even got to see some incredible cosplays! As an artist I had a lot of support from them, from likes to comments over my own artwork and such. I wanted to thank them too for being amazing people, and I hope they never change as well! I also got to meet my amazing girlfriend who is part of the fandom too, and it’s all thanks to Dance Central. We’re over two years of relationship now, hard to believe it was all thanks to a game right? Thanks to everyone reading, and thank you Dance Central for bringing me amazing moments!”

It was so great getting to know Ziedrak. I love talking to all you creative people! Please send us more of your work. You can post it to our Facebook page or tweet us at @Dance_Central. To check out some more of Ziedrak’s art, take a look at his DeviantArt page. Catch you later, dancers!