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Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Potter

Another month, another employee spotlight! This month, we're featuring Harmonix's Brand Manager. Take it away, Rebecca! 

Hello! I am the Brand Manager at Harmonix and I’ve been here for a little over 10 years. A big part of my job on the marketing team is developing the ‘brand identity’ for our games, which is a lot of logos, key art, packaging, promo videos, and the like. I manage agencies as well as our internal creative services team.

Before Harmonix, I was managing a picture framing showroom and gallery inside the Boston Design Center, which is a giant building full of luxury interior furnishings. Interior designers talked to me about sconces A LOT. There were an abundance of suits and high heels, beaded wallpaper, antique pearl inlay, and zebra skin poufs. It was very quiet and I worked alone. I was restoring furniture for fun. It was a dark time. 

I was hoping to find a new gig that was still creative but maybe louder and busier. I had a degree in Painting – surely there is demand for my skill set. Right? Maybe?

A friend convinced me to apply for an Administrative Assistant position at Harmonix. Fortunately, the position was for the Art Department, so I could woo them with my portfolio full of headless people and squiggly ink drawings of neurons with hair pouring out of them. Who has two thumbs and totally got hired..? THIS LADY.

Since then, I’ve had 6 job titles and the opportunity to work on so many different things at Harmonix, including nearly 24 game releases (and plenty of unreleased games). I started out recruiting for new artists and supporting the Art Director. As Rock Band turned into a big thing, I became much more involved in marketing and consumer products before transitioning into a full time marketing role. I created Rock Band brand guides and reviewed licensed merchandise. Have a pair of Rock Band pajama pants? You’re welcome. A glow in the dark Rock Band skull tee? No problem. Rock Band cake toppers? Happy Birthday. Rock Band faux leather storage ottoman? My pleasure. I aim to please.

Surrounding myself with smart, creative, good people has been the best part of my job. I’ve had a lot of mentors both inside and outside of Harmonix over the years. People that showed me how to put on events, run advertising, analyze data, write good creative briefs, and the secret to staying up all night on a video shoot (eat red vines and cookies in little pieces slowly from sunset to sunrise).

One of my favorite Harmonix memories is a recent one. I wanted to show what Super Beats Sports would look like in real life, since the game is over the top adorable with aliens and musical sports. Our video artist Tony created some storyboards and we walked over to Boston Common to shoot this video. The people of Boston got to enjoy watching our team swing at imaginary baseballs with a wall mount fish sculpture, a rainbow umbrella and a French baguette.

What's on your desk?

A voyeur, eh? Alright, take a look. I’ve got a lot on my desk, so I’ve made a handy “key” so you can identify some of the real gems.

  1. Dan’s middle school participation trophies. They were a video prop and I couldn’t bear to let them go.
  2. Rock Band Bandmate figurine
  3. Harmonix 5-year Award!
  4. A big binder of old Harmonix logo concepts
  5. Game Jam trophy
  6. Button maker
  7. Origami beetles that I got from my Secret Santa(na) last year
  8. A cat that looks like Jabba the Hut, by L. Boggia
  9. DropMix cards
  10. A bag of rhinestones and stick-on googly eyes

What's your favorite Harmonix game and why?

I have a soft spot for The Beatles: Rock Band. The entire company had weekly in-house ‘band practices’ during development and it was amazing to watch it evolve. When I played ‘Dear Prudence’, where the flowers all start blooming at just the right part of the song – it blew me away. It gives me chills every time.

What Rock Band instrument do you play? 

Drums or Vocals usually. I like to do a bit of both. When I am feeling ambitious, I will sing harmonies while on the drums, but it is a real brain workout.

What's your go-to candy bowl candy / drink fridge beverage? 

I am a big fan of the seltzer selection in the drink fridge. So many choices! I get a different flavor every day.

What's your go-to Karaoke Jam?

INXS “Need You Tonight” is a great song for duets. I have been stood up for that once before by a nervous friend, and had to sing both parts myself. Still good.

Where can people follow you on the internet? 

Instagram: @rebexpotter