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The Harmonix Podcast Episode 117 - There's Your Foof (PAX East Insanity!)

With PAX East a mere week away, the Harmonix Zoo Crew is preeeeeeeetty loopy. Tune in to check out our gradual meltdown as we realize Harmonix folks are hosting two parties, the keynote speech, and making appearances on TEN different panels. Plus, get some essential deets on Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, Chroma, and how to properly pronounce Aaron and Erin.

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Guests: Jessa Brezinski, Annette "I'll sell that rabbit" Gonzalez, and Aaron Trites
Host: Eric Pope
Audio: Joe Kelly

Music Credits
Intro: Annette's Funky Bus - "Sell That Rabbit"
Outro: Parry Gripp - "Space Unicorn"