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The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 122 - Announcing Dance Central Spotlight!

With Dance Central Spotlight just announced, it was a perfect time to sit down with Project Lead Matthew Nordhaus and Designer Alli Thresher to get the scoop! Tune in to hear all about (and we seriously mean ALL about) the new cool things we’re doing this time around. Get the inside track on the characters, the vibe, the talent, and the crazy shenanigans that have kept us busy every day of development so far. No, but seriously, there’s all sorts of warm fuzzies in this. You’ve been asking about a new Dance Central title and we are psyched to deliver!

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Host - Eric Pope
Guests - Jessa Brezinski, Matthew Nordhaus, Alli Thresher
Audio - Pete Maguire

Music Credits:
Intro & Outro: "Dance Central Spotlight Intro Music" - Drew Olsen