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The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 123 - E3 2014 Recap

We did it! We all made it out of E3 in one piece! Except for Pope, but he’s a leper.

Join us for our first show back from E3 2014 where we discuss the recent announcement of Dance Central Spotlight, the sheer joy of demoing Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, and the weirdness of meeting famous people at giant industry events. Chuck Liddell, magic, the Lieutenant Governor of California, gummy bears… this episode has it all!

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Host - Aaron "Antsy" Trites
Guests - Jessa "Jazzhands" Brezinski and Annette "Gondola" Gonzalez
Audio - James "The Dinosaur" Landino

Music Credits:
Intro: Ditto ft. Absrdst - Grimecraft (HMX Alum Clarke Nordhauser)
Outro: Tope Doge - Maxo