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The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 124 - Welcome to the Neighborhood!

The Harmonix crew takes a break in between convention travel to welcome our brand new officemates, the fine folks from Proletariat, Inc! We dig into their awesome game World Zombination, run down our travel plans for the summer, and we learn a little bit about each other… and ourselves.

You can follow Proletariat on Twitter at @proletariat_inc. If you want to get in on the beta for World Zombination, visit to sign up!

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Host - Aaron Trites
Special Guests from Proletariat - Kristen Mukai (Assistant Producer and Media Lady, (@k_mukai) and Seth Sivak (CEO, @sjsivak)
Guests: - Nick Chester and Christine Kayser
Audio - James Landino

Music Credits:
Intro: The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Tommy Did The Walkin
Outro: To Thaw or to Freeze - Andy Tunstall