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Post-PAX East 2017, A Story in Many Pictures

Hey gang,

This past weekend was a whirlwind (somewhat literally; it was friggin’ cold and windy in Boston…) as Harmonix attended PAX East! We spent our time rocking with friends at the Rock Band 10th Anniversary party, sharing HMX secrets at our panel, and bringing the house down during our Rock Band & Friends stream. Not to mention, we announced a brand new game, DropMix, and had traveling demos of our karaoke VR title, SingSpace!

Naturally, we were sure to take some photos during this magical musical journey.

Let’s start with Friday, our first day of SingSpace demos and later in the night, our Rock Band 10th Anniversary party. There was so much excitement going on as PAX was just beginning, and we couldn’t wait to get our groove on.

RB 10th Anniversary Party

Getting set up for the show!


Tons of folks had a chance to play Rock Band VR at the party.

RB Photo Wall

We took photos of fans who attended our party - tag yourself in our Facebook photo album!

Tigerman WOAH

Local band Tigerman WOAH posing in front of our photo wall! These rockin’ dudes closed out our party and brought the house down.

RB Party Prizes

Big thanks to Oculus and NVIDIA for providing some awesome raffle prizes during the evening! (Credits)

The Show Floor and Harmonix Panel

PAX Day Two was equally as energetic, with tons of folks lining up to demo Rock Band VR at the Alienware booth and play SingSpace around the convention. We also hosted our PAX panel after the show floor closed, where we talked about unreleased trailers, games, and some hilarious stories not to be told anywhere else (for those who attended, you know what we’re talking about).

PAX Show Floor

Now that’s a crowd!

Prince Cosplay

A legend himself playing Rock Band VR at the Alienware booth.

These old school rockers had a ton of fun performing in virtual reality.

SingSpace Demos

Folks got a first look at SingSpace from our devs who were traveling all throughout the convention!

Video Vault Panel

Taken moments before our panel began. We’d show you more, but our lawyers would have our heads.

Sunday, Fun Day, Stream Day

The last and final day of PAX was a bittersweet moment for many; a moment where the convention was inevitably ending, but there was still so much to see and do. We traveled through the Boston Convention and Exhibition center, demoing SingSpace and making any last minute friends in space, before returning to the Harmonix offices for a Rock Band & Friends stream. Our guests for the evening were THE Alakaiser of Score Hero, vocals master Kyle Gaddo, and the wonderful rhythm game streamer himself, Jason Paradise.

Samus in SingSpace

SingSpace is so portable, you can be (and even sing!) in outer space whenever you please.

Jamie and her Guns

Harmonix Artist, Jamie McKiernan, showing off her guns at her PAX panel.

Rock Band VR Demo

Last day to demo Rock Band VR at the Alienware booth!

PAX Show Floor

Another year, another PAX in the books!

We had so many great moments to share with the Harmonix community this year at PAX. Thanks to everyone who made it so memorable. Here’s to the next event, wherever we (and you!) may be!