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Rock Band Rivals March Update Notes!

Hey rockers!

It’s that time again, where we’ve got another Rock Band Rivals update to share with you all! There’s a lot of content in this update, so we’ll get right to it!

11 New Songs From Boston Bands for Rivals Owners

Beast album

We’ve got ELEVEN more tracks coming for Rivals owners. Thanks to the lovely people at The Record Co. we’ve got a bunch of songs coming from the Beast album, a compilation of great tracks from local Boston artists! This puts the total to 24 songs included with Rivals, combining with the 65 on-disc for a grand total of 89 songs everyone with Rivals has in common. That’s a lot! The new songs coming are…

  • Animal Flag - "Sink"
  • Bent Knee - "These Hands"
  • Black Beach - "No Place For Me"
  • Creaturos - "History Repeats"
  • Dutch ReBelle - "RudeBoys"
  • Julie Rhodes - "Hurry Up (& Wait For You)"
  • Littlefoot - "Casablanca"
  • Michael Christmas - "Cross That Line"
  • Ruby Rose Fox - "Skydiver"
  • STL GLD - "Good"
  • Tigerman WOAH - "Alone Time"

There's a lot of variety in this set of songs, including some Hip-Hop/Rap tracks! Try 'em out when you download the update. To hear more about each song and band, check out our blog detailing them individually.

New Rock Shop Items


To kick things off, we’re adding a new character to the game! Archer himself from Archer(FXX) joins Rock Band and will be available to all Rock Band 4 users. The new season of Archer, Archer Dreamland, starts April 5th on FXX, and this will help you get in the mood.

Archer Image

Mass Effect™: Andromeda

From BioWare’s Mass Effect series, we’ve got instruments and clothing for all Rock Band 4 players! Not only are we drawing from the BRAND-NEW entry, Mass Effect: Andromeda, which drops on the 21st, but we’re also giving you the Mass Effect Normandy SR-2 Bass from the original trilogy! Check ‘em out!

Mass Effect: Andromeda Tempest Guitar

Normandy SR-2
Mass Effect Normandy SR-2 Bass

N7 Armor
Mass Effect: Andromeda N7 Armor

N7 Helmet
Mass Effect: Andromeda N7 Helmet

Punk-Inspired Outfits

To wrap things up, we’ve got a new set of punk-inspired clothing only for Rivals owners. Like the Metal Assets released in the Rivals December Update, there will be more original clothing in the new March Update! Whether it’s the Top to Bottom or Tail from the Road outfits, you’ll find yourself looking the part. You can even have some new dreads with the Locked Up hairstyle.

Top to Bottom
Top to Bottom

Tail from the Road
Tail from the Road

Locked Up
Locked Up

Looking good! To wrap up, let’s give you all a breakdown. Rivals owners get sweet new songs. They also get the punk-inspired assets. That’s the outfits and hair. Meanwhile, EVERYONE gets the Mass Effect items and Archer character. That means you can go into space or be a secret agent if you’re on Rivals or 4.

Still haven’t picked up Rock Band Rivals? All of the above, plus new ways of playing can be yours for just $30! Pick up the expansion today on Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

That’s it from us this time! We hope you enjoyed the news out of PAX and we’ll be back with even more Rock Band content soon! Enjoy!