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Team Digital is here, and we’re Bringing the Party.

Hey gang,

It’s your favorite Community Manager, Criss! Now, you’ve all heard about this little thing called Rock Band Rivals, right? It’s this cool new way to really turn up the flame on your friends. You thought taunts were fun, but you haven’t seen anything yet. You’ll be able to join up with your friends, form a kickass Rivals Crew, and start climbing your way to the top of the Rivals leaderboard. Get ready to make some hard life decisions about who your real friends in rock are, and who you want as your A team.

The folks at Harmonix have been having plenty of conversations about Rivals Mode, trying to understand what people are really going to vibe with. While we’ve been talking, we’ve grown increasingly competitive with each other, starting arguments about the weirdest things. Eventually, this led to a split right down the middle at HMX. We decided to create two Rivals Crews that can best represent each half of the studio – the Analog Crew and the Digital Crew.

Now that we’ve figured out where we stand, we want YOU to claim your place in the Rivals puzzle.

As a dedicated member of Team Digital, I can tell you, without a doubt, that we’ve got the best talent, enthusiasm, and stage presence with our team instead of that dated Analog Crew. We’re all about re-inventing ourselves, bringing the best of the best to the game, to our players, and within our own Crew. Think of us as those classy, suave friends that always have the best taste in clothes, restaurants, and music. We’re the ones you want to stick with in the long run; the Analog Crew may think their chaotic attitude will get them far, but they’ll burn out soon enough. Team Digital will keep going long into the future, and we have no intentions of stopping.

The heart and soul of music will always be the passion that musicians bring to their art. You’ve got an amazing sound, and your band is rock solid performing together, but how is anyone going to hear it? You need a way to get your name, and your music, out there, right? In this day and age, there’s only one way to do that, and it’s using the undisputed power of technology. Keep the heart and soul that exists in your music, but make sure your voice is heard around the world. Keep on playing those shows; plug into those amps, turn the speakers up, and rock the crowd. Keep on discovering new artists through weekly Rock Band DLC – a DIGITAL platform designed to immerse you in the power and passion that music provides.

Harmonix folks on the Digital Crew are dedicated, passionate, and willing to do whatever it takes to make an experience a memorable one, whether it’s pounding away on those drums or living it up at a swanky club downtown. We’re the logical ones in this Rivals race (we know that the toilet paper should go over, not under – ugh Analog). We rise early in the morning, ready for the day’s challenges. We’re happy to unify everything around us, like what we’re going to have for dinner and what we’ll be doing at PAX West (yes, our Events Manager is on Team Digital, and we’re ALL better for it). If you vibe with the Digital life, then you’re on a path to success.

Want to rep Team Digital with me? You know you do. I’ll be right by your side, cheering you on. You can show off your Crew spirit with these avatars and join the best Rivals Crew out there.

Team Digital Avatar Template

Team Digital Header

Anybody headed to PAX West should be sure to choose their (Digital) Crew and swing by our booth. I’ll be there, dressed in that cool Digital blue, slaying it on stage. I know you can shred with me, so get your blue on and join me on stage!

For any of my fellow Digitals that won’t be laying it down at PAX West, you’ve got plenty of power online to show the Analog Crew who’s boss. We’ll be posting all about the cool things that #TeamDigital is doing on Rock Band’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages this month, so keep an eye out!

Yours in Digital glory,