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Welcome to Rivals Season 33

Hey Gang,

We hope your summer is going great! We’re here with some quick info on Rivals Season 33.  This season’s theme brings back a focus on band specialties, with each challenge featuring one of the 4 Rock Band parts: Bass, Guitar, Vocals, and Drums.  Your excellence will be rewarded with a smorgasbord of track skins.  We’re doling out all of the track skins, making this a primo chance to complete your set if you are new to Rivals.  Also, a quick reminder that the Rivals upgrade is free for everyone - you just need to make sure your console account is linked to an Epic account to access online features.  

As per the usual, we’ll be supporting each weekly challenge with some kick-ass DLC - jump into our discord to join the conversation about what you like best.

Yours in rock,

The Rock Band team